Saturday, February 18, 2012

Life Lately...

...According to Instagram (user name: OrchidGrey). I'm a so SO happy it's Friday. Last weekend in NYC was great, but I'm happy to have a weekend to myself. This week was hectic. Some good, some bad:

The Good:
- I have a cat on my lap right now.
- I finally got back to the gym. I've been pretty unmotivated lately (for the record I blame the month of February), so it was great to get back into what will hopefully be a new routine.
- I made this gem.
- Chris took my excessive hinting and bought me a sweet Valentine's ring (I bought him a wallet).
- We had a great Valentines dinner at Piccolo Forno in Lawrenceville, one of our favorite restaurants.
- Today I enjoyed "Food Court Friday" with co-workers at the Robinson mall. I had a coke (I brought a tuna sandwich, which I ate later. Sometimes it's nice to go on a field trip, even if it is to the mall)..
- It's staying light out later and later!

The Bad:
- Our apartment is a mess (as usual).
- My hair is a hot, hot mess and I'm toying with the idea of growing out my bangs. I need to do something with it but I'm chicken and don't have the guts to try a new stylist.
- Our mattress is still on the floor. When we moved in, out box-spring wouldn't fit up the stairs of our place. We've been sleeping on the floor for four months.

A few more: 
- There's still time to enter the Bonlook giveaway!
- I love this simple clutch from Le Lapin D'or. Get 10% off your order with the code Grey10.
- This made me cry.
- This post of Joanna's has me thinking about what we choose to share vs. what we choose to keep private on our blogs.
- Pretty shoes for spring.
- I love this map art project, I want to make one with Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Pennsylvania.
- Would you wear color-block shoes? I love them!
- Homemade Samoas? Yes please!
- I've been looking for flats lately, the new collection from Blowfish is perfect! Enter BFORCHID15 for 15% off!
- Another clutch to add to the list, handmade perfection.
- The perfect moto jacket, and it's vintage! Enter code orchidgrey for 15% off!

Have a happy and safe weekend!