Thursday, January 26, 2012

Waves of Grass

In this outfit:
Sweater c/o Free People
T-Shirt (under): Madewell ($10 sale)
Jeans: Marc Jacobs (Swapped)
Belt: Vintage (bought at a thrift store in high school)
Purse: Flea Market ($35)
Hat: H&M ($14)
Necklace: Flea Market and Dolly&Boy
Shoes c/o Lulu's

This was one of those mornings that, when I woke up, I was determined to just throw on an oversized sweater and jeans and go. Well, as most mornings seem to go, this sweater went better with these jeans, and these jeans required heels, etcetera etcetera, and before you know it, this is what happened. For the recoed, most of my weekday mornings seems to go this way. But all whining aside, this might just be a new favorite. I was comfortable, but still felt put together, I've been loving oversized sweaters lately, and the open knit of this one will be perfect as a transitional piece into spring.

I've been thinking about the older pieces in my closet lately. While I certainly was the farthest thing from stylish as a high schooler- rave pants, rainbow barrettes, and tiny No Doubt t-shirts come to mind- there are some things-two or three, maybe- that I collected during those years that stood the test of time. Like this belt. I found this vintage, tooled leather belt at our local church thrift store for probably a dollar, and in some 16 year old moment of clarity, bought it. and then forgot about it. Well my almost-28-year-old-self dug it up recently, and I'm thanking young-dumb-me for having enough smarts to know a good piece when she saw it! It makes me wonder, 12 years from now, what items will I be rediscovering in my closet?

Do you have anything from high school that you still wear? Something you bought long-ago and recently rediscovered?