Thursday, December 1, 2011

Flannel & Lace

Cape: American Apparel (last year)
Dress: ModCloth
Flannel: Thrifted
Tights: UO (old)
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell via ModCloth

Photos: Mandy

I've been using this flannel tactic quite a bit lately, as the temperature slowly decides to act it's season, I've been experimenting with new layering techniques to keep warm. I really love the mix of a boy-ish and rugged flannel with a girly lace dress, a look I wasn't totally sold on when I left the house, but decided mid-day that I really liked. Does that ever happen to you? You're not completely sure, but decide to take the chance anyway? I'm feeling super inspired lately, and am planning a big closet over-haul this weekend!

Life has been busy lately, I'm starting to get excited about the holidays, about seeing my family for Christmas. Yesterday it snowed!

Can you tell these are my favorite shoes?