Tuesday, December 13, 2011

American Living 12 Days of Giving: Holiday Picks

Well, my mom has officially found out about her gift, darn! I guess that's what I get for posting about it on the internet. But, she is really excited about it, it's always nice to know your gifts are well received. I thought I would show you all a few things from the American Living collection that I think would make perfect holiday presents:

Cozy pajamas are always a great holiday gift, a tradition in our family.
The perfect, socially acceptable, holiday sweater.
This rustic plaid jacket would be perfect for a husband or brother (Chris has one very similar)
This quilt would be perfectly cozy for a wintertime nap.

Find more great gifting ideas here!


Wedding Themes said...

thank you for sharing nice site for shopping !!!

Eugenia said...

Nice post:)


amberly said...

We would always get new PJs to wear at Christmas in our family, too!! Those look so comfy, I'd wear them year round!! Sorry your mom got wind of your gift, but it is so generous and cozy, she'll love you forever for it!!

One of the greatest memories I have with my mom is when we were in Florida years ago, we grabbed the blanket from house we were staying in, it looked very similar to the one you chose for your mom, and we wrapped ourselves in it on the beach and looked at the stars... I love that moment and that blanket :)

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