Monday, November 28, 2011

Dress Up in You

Dress: vintage via Avalon
Cardigan: J.Crew outlet
Tights: American Apparel
Shoes: ModCloth
Bracelets: F21 & ModCloth

Photos by Mindy at ModCloth

Well, Monday just flew right by. I really need to teach myself to get Monday's post scheduled on Sunday night, I always have good intentions of getting a post up- and sometimes it works out- but more often than not Monday morning is spent running around, getting ready for the week. Did you have a good weekend? I got some thrift shopping in with Mandy, and actually got some work done on this here blog. I love having an office now, but we really need to make it more welcoming. At the moment it's pretty dismal, which makes it hard to motivate myself to sit in there and work.

I found some great things on our thrift shopping trip! A leather skirt, jean vest (which has been on my want list forever), and a pair of Doc Martin mary-janes (remember those?). I made a stop at Avalon (which is like Buffalo Exchange- for those not from Pittsburgh) before picking Chris up from work that night and my good luck continued: I found this sweet vintage dress and a vintage skirt as well. I was wearing these tights when I tried this dress on, and I really loved how the little flowers popped against the color of the tights.

A tip: My trick for making cotton spring/summer dresses work for fall and winter is adding a slip underneath as an extra layer that also prevents your dress from catching on your tights. I have a couple of nice silk slips, but I will also buy them (in good condition of course) from thrift stores and just cut them to the desired length. Polyester slips won't fray or run if they're cut!


Anonymous said...

amazing outfit!
love the shoes..!!

LovelyLeigh said...

Julie! Your backgrounds lately have been amazing! It really looks like you found a sweet new place to blog. I wish I went out of the city more to take blog photos, Tieka is like queen of that to me haha.
Also! Great tip about the slips! I dont know why that wont make a come back. I have an extensive collection of vintage slips, and they were all under $4. They really are great.
Xoxo from Boston!


Superstition Vintage said...

Cute dress!! Can't wait to see a post about the leather skirt too. Great finds! :)

Superstition Vintage

wildchild said...

i love the pattern on this dress! so pretty :)

Kim Parslow said...

Your bracelet is beautiful.

What a lovely setting too! xx

Rae Veda said...

Wow! I love the train tracks. And that bird bracelet is so neat. xo, rv

Samantha Chu Ramage. said...

want that bird bangle! so in denial about winter. i must try your summer dress + slip tip!


Joy said...

You look fantastic! I love it.

Carmen said...

I like the bird bangle *_*

Shannon said...

I always love train track pictures :) Love this look. The dress is fabulous and everything looks very lovely on you.

Katie said...

that bird bracelet!! omg, amazing!

Michal said...

You always have the best accessories. I love that dress and you're right, it looks great with those tights.

theSIREN said...

great choice with the brown tights - you look beautiful

xxx, the SIREN of Mod

Steffys Pros and Cons said...

that dress is gorgeous and i love the cuff!

Kaitlin Mattingly said...

i love your vintage taste on style it is so sweet and unique.

xoxo katlin

Jean said...

I've gotten some good stuff from Avalon, too. (I've applied there recently as well!) Once I picked up a perfect silk Christian Dior scarf for... get this... NINE DOLLARS. They have a good staff and their jewelry selection is lovely.

andrea k (blonde bedhead) said...

You look so good in brown tights! Thanks for the inspiration and increased envy of your longs legs and gorg hair!

Jo said...

Wow wow wow! <3 Your bird bracelet is truly gorgeous! And I looove your dress!

Lost in the Haze

Ashley, Lions Lace Lattes said...

I Loooove your bracelets in the last photo, and your dress looks really great with those tights.

xo Ashley

Paula said...

those shoes.. I've seen them a thousand times already and fall in love with them everytime I see them . I really need a pair..

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