Saturday, October 29, 2011

Halloween Sounds

Image from the book Haunted Air
Happy Halloween! No costume for me today (still sorting through my boxes and boxes of clothes), but I spent this weekend compiling some creepy sounds for your listening pleasure today. Man, I found some good stuff, but for the sake of wanting people to still read this blog after listening, I split the list in two: the first is fairly safe, the second gave me nightmares. I'm not joking. If you're looking for some seriously sinister sounds, here you go:

Do you have any Halloween music recommendations? Any cool costume ideas to share?


SoapiUk said...

thanks for sharing your playlist :) Love the songs! I was listening to a lot of the knife and fever ray this halloween weekend. x

Chelle Lynn said...

This year, my husband and I had our most successful costumer year ever, and just about the easiest! I was a panda bear (just bought and hat and some fur fabric, everything else I had lying around) and he was the Mad Hatter (rented hat and jacket, made the bow tie.) Pics here:

Good luck unpacking, and Happy Halloween!!

Tanglewood Baked Goods said...

I can't get enough of "Nightcall" by Kavinsky/Lovefoxxx. It's so so good! And in DC they read War of the Worlds over the radio on Halloween -- always an excellent scare.

Arielle said...

I actually paused The Office to listen to the John Wayne Gacy song haha


Orchid Grey said...

Arielle, isn't it terrifying in a quiet, slowly stalking you, kind of way? gives me chills!

City Girl Chicago said...

Great idea + playlist... I won't be listening to playlist #2 though, I'm too much of a wimp :-Z

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