Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Sun Sets on Summer

Hello, everyone! Katy from Kansas Couture here. First off, a huge congratulations to the lovely bride and lucky groom! I can't wait to hear all about the wedding. Now on to my ode to summer. There are aspects of each season that I love, but there's something so singular about summer. Though my school days are long gone and my schedule stays the same year-round, that carefree vacation vibe permeates the season. The days grow longer, and there's no guilt in socializing till the sun goes down or spending lazy days at the lake. As much as I enjoy layering for cooler temps, summer lets you show some skin, celebrate simplicity and make the most of accents.

I wore this outfit for dinner and drinks on a warm evening last weekend. While there isn't all that much to it, I think the interesting print, chunky necklace, touch of neon and '70s platforms come together to make a statement.

As autumn approaches, I'm getting excited for sweater weather, but there's always that tinge of sadness as the sun sets on summer. Soon I'll forget the feeling and get swept up in hot cider, Halloween costumes, snow days and Christmas. Then when next year rolls around, I'll learn the magic of summer all over again.

Cheers to summer love and to the newlyweds!