Monday, July 11, 2011

Mini Spotlight: ModCloth, Ruche, Blowfish, & Mitu Vintage!

This week's Swap DC has had me thinking of swap style. With the advent of another swap comes the inevitable "but what do I wear?" question. A veteran swapper myself, I have been to enough clothing swaps to tell you this: wear something comfortable that you can move in! Sure, you'll be socializing with other bloggers and you want to look cute, but what are you really there for? The clothes! So when those doors open and you rush in and start swapping, you want to make sure your cute outfit also has staying power:

DC will be hot! Start with a breezy tank like The treasured Moments Top from ModCloth, this won't bunch or ride up and it's thin enough to try stuff on over it. Next, add some statement shorts like the Pep in Your Step Shorts, also from ModCloth, donning shorts insures you won't have to worry about flashing people as you would in a skirt or dress. No one wants squished toes, so make sure you wear some easy to walk in loafers like the Nexi from Blowfish. Opt for simple jewelry, like this vintage chinese lion necklace from Mitu Vintage. And For those post-swap drinks you'll definitely be needing, throw on a light blazer like the Make Me Blush Blazer from Ruche.

Have fun DC'rs! and remember you can receive 25% off your tickets with the code ORCHIDGREY!


Renee said...

I love your outfit idea, all of the pieces are adorable! I've never been to a swap before... hopefully there will be one in Philly at some point.


Joy said...

Wow these are all very nice.

Carolynn Cecilia said...

Oh, those shorts are killer! You absolutely must buy those... and then swap them with me!

Castle Fashion said...

I wish more swapping events took place near me :( I live too far away but I'd love to do it. Can you recommend any sites for finding swap events?

Castle Fashion

Michelle Lee said...

love your picks :)

Kristina said...

Are those polka dot shorts I see? Those are great - I love the waterfall layering in the front!


Anonymous said...

Are those shorts?! Omg they are so adorable!

Miss Neira

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