Friday, April 15, 2011

Cat Friday!

There's major construction going on behind our apartment, Zephyr and Zeb aren't happy about it. It has scared away the seagulls and the whole house is woken by loud crashing and banging. Sunbeams are still taken advantage of, however.

I want to express my gratitude for everyone who stopped by this week to read and leave a comment, I never feel as if I say thank you enough, so here it is one more time: THANK YOU!

Chris and I are headed North this weekend to help out a friend and help my Mom with yard work. I have to admit that I usually avoid Maine this time of year, all the snow has melted down here, and I hate to go and have to see snow on the ground up there! What are your weekend plans?


Sarah said...

I love that pillow behind your adorable cat - where is it from? Have a lovely time in Maine! (I love your blog - am from Massachusetts and spend a lot of time in Maine myself - I look to you for inspiration every day!)

sami. said...

oh, i love cat friday! it should be cat day every day, yours are too cute!


Anonymous said...

Your cat is adorable, and I agree with Sarah your pillow looks really lovely. Your weekend sounds really interesting! and I hope the construction doesn't go on for too long!

Orchid Grey said...

Thanks guys! The pillow is from urban outfitters from a couple of years ago!

Rachel Emma said...

Such an adorable picture!
It makes me wish that cats actually liked me! haha

I've never been to Maine, but I've heard the lobster is delicious! Hopefully I can go there one day... But not when it's TOO cold hehe.

Cute post! :)

Stacey Kay said...

oooo ur baby looks just like mine!

Stacey Kay
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Rachel said...

Ah, sleepy cats are the best. :)

antonia said...

seems like you are always travelling somewhere! this weekend in atl there is the sweetwater 420 fest (rusted root and arrested development performing) and the dogwood festival. although it is tornado weather right now, it's supposed to be in the 70s sat. and sunday which is the only acceptable weather i will stay outside in. pumped!

punky said...

Adam says....More Chris Less Cat!!!


bettec said...

Love cats so much. The boy is allergic but we heard a rumour about a cat vaccine. Fingers crossed!

This weekend I am working every day and sleeping like a rock as the boy is out of town. Yay/sad at the same time. Saturday night is dancing with my girls to celebrate the end of four years of school! Have a lovely weekend! xo betts

fashion party redux

AnnaBananaCupcake said...

Aw. Kitty love!!

Natalie Brooke said...

Awwwe, your cat is adorable!! He reminds me of my old cat Pookey...miss him. :(

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