Thursday, February 17, 2011

NYC in Pictures: Part 2

Definitely fewer pictures today than yesterday, but when you're in a conference for the majority of the day (and sick as a dog), there's more time spent listening and absorbing than taking pictures. The main reason I travelled to New York in the first place was to attend the IFB Evolving Influence Conference. Not only did I see attending the conference as great professional development, I was also really excited to see some of my favorite girls.
This was my first time attending IFB, and I'm glad I waited. While I definitely returned home with some helpful information and ideas on how to improve Orchid Grey, I do wish there had been more diversity among the panelists. It felt like the majority of who we heard from were high-end bloggers who collaborate with luxury brands and worked with PR firms. While that may be what some bloggers aspire to, it's not what all of us (including myself) aspire to be as bloggers. Not all of us live in New York or LA, but that doesn't mean we can't experience own own versions success, to me that's the beauty of blogging. To that end, I really enjoyed hearing Rebecca and Keiko speak, I found them to be the most relatable and feel like what I did go home thinking about, was brought up by them. I also really enjoyed the first panel, which dealt with blog content, trademark and copyright. Were you at IFB? Did you watch the live stream? What did you think?
But we weren't just there to hear the speakers! Meeting other bloggers and seeing blogging friends is more than half the reason I chose to go. I mean, I'm not able to travel much this year, so what better time to catch up (however briefly) with friends? I was so happy to see Jess again, and meet other bloggers who I've followed for so long.
Jen, Punky and I did set aside some time to take outfit photos, even though it was SO COLD. Really, it was the best day to spend completely indoors, I have to say I'm excited for warmer weather. After the conference we headed to a diner for some much needed food (french fries and gravy) and then headed back to our hotel where we were met with this disaster:
Apparently, none us us do mornings well.

Stay tuned for a full outfit post later today!

(all images: Punky. Thank you to for providing our hotel)


Punky said...

oh man....I had nothing to do with that mess!!!


Orchid Grey said...

then whose leopard coat and balenciaga is that, huh? haha

Virginie's Cinema said...

I live streamed some of the IFB conferences and I have to agree that Keiko had some of the most down to heart interventions, I was so glad she was on the pannel. Every blogger is different, that what makes the community so rich.

I'm glad to hear you had a good time (and that you are now feeling better!)

Virginie’s Cinema

Dawn said...

Great post...I hope to meet you someday!!! Love your dress! Hope you feel better. Dawn

Raji said...

It sounds like such an interesting experience, you all look fabulous it must have been so fun to catch up!

la vie en broke said...

Looks like such a fun (and educational) event! All you girls have such great style!

--la vie en BROKE--

Michal said...

This looks like so much fun! Last week was so cold though- you must of been freezing your butt off.

Kc said...

Looks like fun! :) I wish I was able to go to stuff like that, pity they dint have anything in NZ that I know of!


Karolina said...

Great story!! :)) It was so cold here in Maine, i am so glad its over now. Sun is shinnig and i like it!

Lexie, Little Boat said...

judging from that hotel room -- you girls had a blast! :)

Latoya said...

It seemed like a great experience! Part of what you take away from conferences are the seminars and part from conversatons with those you meet.


I was wanting to go to this, but we arrived in NY a day late. While my time spent in NY was not very NYFW oriented, I did get to meet up with lots of bloggers, have some fun and left feeling very inspired - it sounds like you got to do much of the same. I think that's more valuable then anything. Maybe in September, I'll finally make it to the IFB conference.

Krystal said...

I totally agree with you about some of the bloggers not really being relateable! I watched some of it by streaming. It was pretty interesting though :)

The Science Fair said...

I'm glad you have fun, but I'm sorry to hear you were sick!

Your hotel room is similar to what my bedroom looks like when I come each day. What is it about mornings that can make a space looks as though it was hit by a massive tornado. I'll never know.

Loving your blog so much!

I'm hoping to get to go to the conference next year!


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