Thursday, April 29, 2010


I love the College that I work at, but sometimes working at a small school can feel like going to a family reunion everysingleday, and today has been one of those days! I was so happy to get home and just sit with my cats (one of my favorite after-work relaxation methods). It was windy beyond belief this afternoon, which spelled potential disaster if I bought my tripod outside, so just a few indoors pictures for today.

Top: H&M ($25)
Jeans: BDG (gift)
Necklaces: Courtesy of Noble Town Vintage

Something that always brightens my spirits is mail! Well, as long as it's not bills. So you can imagine my excitement when i walked up to my mailbox and there was a package waiting for me. Sarah from Noble Town Vintage was so sweet to send me a couple of her hand-crafted necklaces. I love them, and just couldn't help wearing them both immediately. I really like how they look together, and with the stripes on my top. Noble Town Vintage is such a great shop, not only does she sell great vintage but Sarah now sells her hand-made jewelry crafted from recycled materials.

I feel like this post is like the opposite of yesterdays, it's all stripey and moody. This is a great example of my go-to outfit for days like today. I just wanted to be comfy and mobile.
What's your go-to outfit?

The winner of the Noble Town Vintage giveaway was Clare, thank you to everyone who entered! I'm hoping to have more giveaways soon, so keep reading!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


These photos are a few days old, I'll admit: I have no idea what day they were taken, that my memory completely fails me speaks volumes of my stress level and my exhaustion level over the past few days. Ahh, to think back to a sunnier, pinker time! April is always a crazy month at the College where I work. A lot of late nights and weekend shifts in the admissions office. I think I wore this outfit this past weekend to a student function?!

Dress: Delightful Dozen swap from Mel
Sweater: old Express hand-me-down from class-mate
Belt: Savers ($3)
Tights: TjMaxx ($4)
Shoes: old UO ($30 ?)
Necklace: Dolly and Boy

Photos: Chris
Another thing to admit: I've been holding this Forever 21 dress of Mel's hostage for about a month and a half. It's been hanging fully styled on my wall, I think I was just waiting for the perfect spring day to break it out. Though, I was relieved to ship it off to the next Delightful girl, clearly I'm bad at getting myself down to the post office. Sorry Mel! You can scroll down to check out how Mel herself and Kristen from LeProust Vintage styled the dress. Also, thank you to my very handsome and stylist photographer, Chris. Sometomes it's nice to have someone else take the photos!

Below: Mel, Kristen, and I:

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Have a great night!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Orchid Grey is now accepting sponsors for May!

After long and careful consideration I have decided to start accepting sponsors on Orchid Grey.

A limited amount of ad spots are available for May, email me for rates and stats with any questions you may have at:

Also: I finally have a Facebook page

Thursday, April 22, 2010


Blue Suede Cape: courtesy of Haberdash Vintage
Belt: Vintage ($1)
Tights: UO ($14)
Dress: AA ($40)
Shoes: GAP ($34)

How amazing is this blue suede cape from Haberdash Vintage? I have been searching for the perfect cape for months now and had yet to find anything special. Well my search was over when Punky presented me with this beautiful royal blue number. It came with a separate belt, but for convenience sake I just used the belt I was wearing with my outfit today. I think it works just the same. I really wanted to do more of a dedicated photoshoot with it, but unfortunately the sky was clear on my lunch break only so I had to work with what I got (it's thundering out right now!). You may have noticed my photo shoots have been a bit different lately, the truth is that after spending the cold winter months with just the parking lot as a backdrop, I'm bored with it! I've been taking advantage of the nice weather and exploring different locations.

To celebrate the 1 year aniversary of Haberdash, Punky is offering 30% off for Orchid Grey readers! Use the code "ORCHIDGREY" at checkout. Thanks Punky!

Don't forget to enter the Noble Town Vintage giveaway!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Spooky little girl

Don't forget to enter the Nobletown vintage giveaway below!

I would like to introduce you to one of my favorite places:
Earrings: Courtesy Noémiah Bijoux
Dress: H&M ($13)
Sweater: J.Crew outlet ($20)
It may sound odd to some that one of my favorite, most relaxing places is the local cemetery, but it is! This particular cemetery is just a few blocks from our apartment and I love walking through it on warm days. There was a warm breeze blowing off the ocean this evening, a perfect time for a stroll. Along the way I came across this great tree, when the wind blew, all the little pine cones shook and made the most amazing sound.

I felt like my long, black dress was very fitting for the somewhat somber surroundings. To add a little sparkle, I added these amazing feather and chain earrings from Noémiah Bijoux. I'm not usually an earrings person, but I love this pair. I've actually been wearing them a ton on the weekends, they go great with a simple jeans and tee-shirt ensemble. You should definitely check out Noémie's shop, she makes everything herself and has some great pieces!

Thank you all for the encouraging words yesterday.
life can get pretty rough at times, and I'm so thankful and appreciative
that I have the support of so many people! You all are amazing!

April Giveaway! (closed)

Images courtesy Nobletown Vintage

I am so excited to announce this month's giveaway! Sarah from Noble Town Vintage is offering one lucky winner a $50 dollar gift certificate to use in the shop. Not only does Sarah sell amazing vintage items, she also creates beautiful, one of a kind jewelry from recycled materials. Here's how to enter:

Follow Orchid Grey and visit the Noble Town Vintage Etsy shop.
Leave me a comment in this post before Saturday April 24 @ 12AM
Be sure to leave an email if you don't have a blog where I can reach you!

The winner will be chosen through a random number generator on Saturday at 12AM (midnight). Good Luck!

Have a hot date coming up? Head on over to to check out Glamour's 14 Cute Spring Date Outfits featuring me and some of my other favorite style bloggers! I'd be lying if I said I wasn't freaking out about being on the Glamour website, thank you Glamour for featuring me! I guess now I'll have to plan a "Spring Date" for this weekend!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A Quiz: When life gives you lemons, you....

A. Make lemon bars B. Get some grain alcohol and make limoncello C. Make lemonade or D. All of the above?
Shirt: Vintage via Savers ($7)
T-Shirt (worn underneath): Forever 21 ($6)
Jeans: BDG via Urban Outfitters (gift)
Cardigan: H&M ($16)
Shoes: Karen Millen via Buffalo Exc. ($45)
Belt: Thrift via Savers ($3)
Necklaces: H&M, Dolly&Boy
Bracelets: Vintage via thrift
If you answered D to the above question, you are correct! I am not having a good day, as you may have surmised from the title of this post. The awesome and amazing thing I alluded to last week did not pan out as I had hoped (although not hopeless) and on top of that I feel as though I have been a bit "checked out" of this blog, lacking focus and inspiration. Bah, having realized all that, I am determined to get caught up this week. I feel like this happens every April, or even every Spring, life just gets 1,000 times more complicated right before Summer. I'm sorry, I don't want to sound like I'm whining or being a baby, I just felt as though an explanation was needed as to why I've been so... Weird? Uncooperative? Flaky? Flaky. That's it, the perfect word: Flaky. I have been super f'ing flaky.

Anyways, on to my outfit! Whew! Sorry! Last week Chris and I made a quick stop to Savers (quick being used loosely here) where he came across this awesome vintage silk men's shirt. It has Native Americans all over it! Being too small for him (and questionable for Chris to don a silk shirt in the first place), it ended up in MY cart. It's actually big enough to be a dress if I wanted it to be, but I like it belted and flounced out. To even things out with the flouncy top and skinny jeans, I added a pair of huge platforms that make me about 10 inches taller than I should be.

Also, this isn't clothing related but isn't this beautiful:
I walk under this flowering canopy on the way from my apartment to work every morning and afternoon and I think it's just so beautiful. Every Spring, our town is filled with plum blossoms on these trees. I think because it's been so cold, the flowers have stayed around much longer than usual.

And another side note: Today is Noémie's birthday! To celebrate, she is offering free shipping on everything in her Etsy Shop! Definitely check out her work, it's beautiful. She was kind enough to send me an amazing pair of earrings that I will be posting about tomorrow. Happy Birthday Noémie!

I hope everyone had a great weekend!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Product Junkie: Hair

Herbal Essences Hello Hydration: Orchid & Coconut Milk shampoo and conditioner, TRESemme Tres Two Hairspray,
S Factor Smoothing Lusterizer defrizzer and tamer, Bumble&Bumble Surf Spray, TRESemme Refresh Dry Shampoo, Garnier Fructis Surf Wax, Phillips Three Row Teasing Brush

First I should say that I don't use each of these products every day, below I've given a brief run-down on each product and why I like it:

Because my hair is super thick and a weird mix of course and fine strands, I have always had a very hard time finding shampoo and conditioner that moisturizes but doesn't weigh my hair down. HH's Orchid&Coconut Milk shampoo and conditioner seems to work pretty well and I really like how it smells. I wash my hair twice a week with this and let it air dry overnight.

In the AM once my hair is dry, I add a dab of S Factor Smoothing Lusterizer for shine and frizz control. If my hair is still damp- which it usually is- I'll blow dry it for about 5 minutes after adding the Smoothing Lusterizer.

Between shampoos I use TRESemme dry shampoo. I love how this smells and it soaks up any extra oils in my hair and makes it super easy to style.

Bumble&Bumble Surf Spray adds just the right touch of texture. I spray this on after towel-drying my hair.

TRESemme hair spray is light enough to keep my styles in place but doesn't flake off or get sticky.

If I want my hair to be even more messy, I'll add some Garnier Surf Wax and twist individual sections. I like this product because it has a matte finish and doesn't leave my hair looking greasy.

To finish I'll tease the back a little with a brush similar to this.

What hair products do you use?

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Heart of Gold

What is it about the tattered, worn, work-shirt that makes it so perfect? I imagine this blue and rust plaid flannel to have been worn by some stylish, but woodsy woman living on the coast of Maine. Maybe it's because I found it at a Goodwill in Portland and it reminds me of my mother and gardening and being on the coast, it just reminds me of growing up I guess. I love clothes that have had a life, this shirt has a hole in elbow, bleach stains, and threadbare cuffs and collar, and it couldn't be any softer. Favorite thing I own right now. Forget about $200 dollar Steven Alan shirts, I'll take $2.00 Goodwill stalwart.
Cotton Biker-Jacket: Forever 21 ($20)
Scarf: Mom's old
Shirt: Vintage Saks from Goodwill in So. Portland, ME ($2)
Belt: J.Crew outlet ($15)
Skirt: Lark&Wolff ($20)
Shoes: Matiko ($40 or $60)
Tights: TjMaxx
Necklaces: H&M
This outfit was kind of my last homage to Fall and Winter, a fair well to cold weather I hope. Of course I stashed away all my sweaters only to have the temperature drop to the 30's (and have a friend tell me there is a chance of snow this weekend), isn't that always the case?!

I'm excited it's almost the weekend (despite the fact that I'll be working the whole way through). I haven't forgotten about the hair posts I've been promising and will definitely get to them, life has been crazy and amazing lately and I hope I can talk about it soon. Oh! Also, if you've sent me an email recently I PROMISE I haven't forgotten about you and I'm not being a diva, I'll be replying to all this Monday (a day off, thank goodness).

I hope everyone is doing well, and a BIG congratulations to Jen for passing her citizenship test AND finding out it's a girl all in one day! I'm so happy when people have good things happening in their lives!

Happy Thursday!

PS- Heart of Gold is my favorite Neil Young song

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Create. Compete. Ca-Ching! with Couturious!

So I've mentioned on here before, the unbelievably addicting styling site where you essentially get to play virtual paper dolls with thousands of designer pieces...for hours on end. Yes, it's addicting! Well, a few weeks ago Couturious contacted me to see if I would be interested in being one of the judges for a scholarship competition they are hosting, how could I say no? The contest is open to anyone who is currently enrolled or will be enrolling for Fall 2010 in any of the 8 participating Colleges. There will be three winners chosen: The grand prize of $2,000, second place receiving $750, and third receiving $250!
Submissions will be accepted April 12- April 25th. For more information on the competition, the participating colleges, and to read my dorky introduction visit the contest page at Couturious!

Good luck and happy styling!

Monday, April 12, 2010

A "Very Special" Over the Weekend

I like how I make this post sound like some kind of Lifetime movie, like your best-but-troubled-friend ran away from home and everyone learned a dramatic, but valuable lesson in the end. No, what this post is about is far less dramatic than that. I got this idea from the blog Hiss&Hearse, it was my and Chris' 6 year anniversary on Saturday and along with spending the day walking the Public Garden and Newbury Street in Boston, I decided (much to his chagrin) that I'd interview him. Chris and I met in high school and it's crazy to think that we've known each other for ten also makes me feel old! Anyway, on to the interview:
Name: Christopher Sharp
Age: 25
Location: Massachusetts
Occupation: Skate Nerd (works at a skate-shop)

Q: When, and where did we meet?
A: Well, I had seen you around a few times but I think the first time we met and were introduced was at Schouler Park in North Conway, NH in late 2000. I remember because that was the night I got my license and hit my first parked car and I think you broke your wrist skateboarding (both seperate instances). It was a big night for both of our teenage selves.

Q: What did you first think of me?
A: I was immedately smitten with you, those cargo shorts and and your skateboard in hand, how could I resist.
Q: What 10 words describe you best?
A: weird, lucky, driven, artistic, stylish, funny, loud, sleepy... (Julie:) I'll add energetic and stubborn!

Q: So when you're not working at the skate shop, what do you do for fun?
A: I seem to spend most of my free time thrift shopping with you, but other than that I skate and just enjoy the days.
Q: Do you have a favorite item of clothing? Where did you get it?
A: There are two pieces that I wear all the time. One is a vintage Brooks Brothers oxford shirt and the other is a tie with hearts on it. The shirt is from a thrift store and the tie is from you (note: the tie is also from a thrift store).

Q: What inspires you?
A: life, love, and the people around me.
Q: Do you have a favorite artist?
A: Right now it is Dennis McNett

Q: If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?
A: Norway, for the Black Metal.
Q: You're making me a mix-tape, what are the first five songs?
A: Whole Wide World by Wreckless Eric, Harvest Moon by Neil Young, Animal Farm by The Kinks, Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting by Elton John, Almost Ready by Dinosaur Jr.

Q: Is there anything else I should know about you?
A: Is there anything that you don't know about me?
A: Nope!

I hope everyone had a great weekend!

Chris' Clothing Notes: Jacket: Thrifted Ralph Lauren ($12), Oxford: Brooks Brother's ($5), Sweater: UO bargain basement ($20), Jeans: Altamont (from the shop), Shoes: Vintage thrift ($6).

My shoes: GAP black flats ($34)

Friday, April 9, 2010

Product Junkie: Make-up

A couple of days ago Lola asked me what make-up I use. I never really discuss my make-up habits on here because my habits are pretty minimal, and have probably been about the same for a few years. I admit that I was originally drawn to the Urban Decay mascara because of the packaging (and, ok, the name), but I really like it! Cheap mascara always made my lashes break off, but the Urban Decay actually seems to condition them and maybe even make them a little longer. The rest of my routine is pretty basic, I don't usually wear bronzer, but I like the glow it adds during the winter months when my freckles have faded and I'm looking peeked.

Next week I'll discuss hair products!

What are your go-to products?

Thursday, April 8, 2010

A girl with a mind like a diamond

I've had this freaking Cake song stuck in my head since 9AM this morning, I think it's because I was wearing a short trench coat on my way to work and my dress kept inching up and all I could think was "I want a girl in a short skirt, and a loooooooong jacket", anyway it's been on repeat in my mind ever since....
Dress: H&M (17.00)
Cardigan: H&M (16.00)
Tights: Urban Outfitters (14.00)
Shoes: Target (6.99)
Hat: Chris' from UO (?)
A completely-store-bought-brand-new-outfit-never-worn-by-someone-else, weird! It's rare these days that I'll be wearing every thing new, thrift has completely infiltrated my wardrobe. I'm feeling awkward about this hat. I used to be the hat girl, now I'm super uncomfortable in them and I don't know why! I added it because I really want to break out of what I'm comfortable in and what I always go for. The good thing is that this is Chris' hat, so I didn't spend money on it, I just nabbed it from his side of the room! I felt like mixing patterns too, I've been meaning to break out these heart tights from UO and finally found an excuse: it was back to 50 degrees today, good bye temporary summer. I like how the hearts and stripes play off one another.

Thank you to everyone who left such nice comments in my ModCloth post yesterday, I'm still over the moon about it! Yesterday was such a high energy day (I had a college fair in the PM) that I just about crashed this afternoon, I can't for the weekend!


Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Orchid Grey Dress

Here it is, The Orchid Grey Dress from ModCloth! I was so excited to receive this dress in the mail, it's even prettier in person.
Orchid Grey Dress courtesy of ModCloth
All I Really Want is Squirrels necklace courtesy of ModCloth
Cardigan: H&M (16.00)
Belt: Vintage via Savers (1.00)
Shoes: Vintage via Savers (3.00)

Don't you love the explosion of spring flowers in the background? They match my outfit! In truth, these photos were taken on a very grey day (yesterday) so the yellow flowers in my dress and purple flowers behind me were a welcome pick-me-up! I can't complain too much though, it's 80 degrees out! In addition to naming this pretty dress after me, ModCloth also posted a little interview on their blog, if you'd like to read about what I do in my spare time (ha) and what books and movies I'm into, you can head on over there and read all about me! Also go here to see my Spring favorites off their site! I have a bunch of weddings coming up this spring, this dress will be perfect for them!

ModCloth kindly provided the dress and necklace in this post