Monday, December 13, 2010

Sleep the clock around

How was your weekend? Mine was- I'm pleased to say- glorious!
Cape: AA
Scarf: Vintage thrift ($3)
Belt: AA
Top c/o ModCloth
Skirt: Cali Select /AA
Tights: AA Super opaque in "Truffle"
Shoes: Vintage thrift ($3)
Necklace: UO (gift)
Some of you may have already read this on Twitter or Facebook, but on Wednesday I quit my job. I have never done this before, left a job without immediate back up, or at least a plan. Mainly because I have never needed to, but the past few months have been so stressful, stressful actually is not accurate enough a word, I'm not sure there is one. I've watched myself become a shell of what I was before, unhappy, with no energy. All I did was complain about work, and that's literally all I had to talk about in real life conversations, or how tired I was. Because that's all I did, I was either working, or sleeping to recover from work. The job was just not the right fit for me. So I left.

I've spent the past four days making up for very lost time: I got together with friends, went out on a date with Chris, cleaned my apartment (I can't even described what it looked like), and went to Boston for fun. Oh, and I also went on a job interview and got a new job! This is what I wore to my interview on Friday, I wanted something professional but still me. I've made the mistake in the past year of wearing clothes to interviews that don't exactly represent my personal style, it's important to look professional, but if you're not comfortable with what you're wearing it'll effect your interview skills. Luckily I think I chose pretty well, a little Miu Miu inspired: a vintage inspired top from ModCloth, which had been strangely forgotten in the depths of my closet was pretty but conservative (I wore a cardigan over it, not pictured), and a camel skirt. As a jacket I wore the camel cape I bought before I left my last job, it's not the warmest thing in the world, but by slipping a belt through the arm holes and cinching it close, I'm able to warm it up considerably.
So today I start my part time sales gig with J. ____, and I'm so excited! Most of you know (if it isn't already evident) that I love J.____, the quality of the fabric and colors is fantastic and I feel like it meshes with my personal taste and style much more. Plus it's 20 minutes away from home, not an hour. I go in for training at 6, wish me luck!

How was your weekend? Did you have fun? Get snow? See friends?