Thursday, November 4, 2010

Because You're Mine

I started to put together an inspiration board for June and Johnny, but was having a difficult time with it. Sometimes things just don't turn out the way I want them to. But I did want to share a some photos of one of my favorite couples. Chris and I are having our engagement photos taken soon (by the amazing Spring!) and I'm a little nervous. I want them to feel relaxed and not too staged, and I think I'll be using some photos of the Cash's as inspiration. They just look so happy Haha, is that dorky? I want to be as cool as them.
I love how freaking happy Johnny looks. Thats something that I really love about all of these celebrity wedding photos, that despite the problems in their lives and the drama, they all look freaking thrilled in their wedding photos. Anyway, as I was looking around for dresses for the failed inspiration board, I did find a near exact vintage double for June's cute blue wedding dress. And it's going for .99 cents right now. So if anyone is looking, how cool would it be to spend .99 cents on your wedding dress?


Isabella Kiss said...

spending as little as possible on a wedding dress is the greatest idea ever. So I think...the thousand and thousands of dollars that you can't really even afford is so silly. .99 cents sounds great (not that I'm getting married...just sayin'!)


I`m in love with this couple.
Definately one of my favs!
You`re so right about saying that they are looking so happy and cool.
Had some pics of them on my blog,too:D

archives said...

oh man i cant wait to see your engagement photos! don't be nervous - just be yourselves: cool! :)

Anonymous said...

You guys are soo soo sooo cute! I'm really excited about your wedding shoot! me and the Mr. are getting ours done soon as well. We are planning a "maine's best kept secrets" theme, cause we love maine and its quirkiness!

Best of luck with yours, can't wait to hear more!

Charlie, Feminine Bravery said...

love these two photos, they look really happy ^^ and can't wait to see your photos! be yourself, that's what's going to work best and you'll look hapy and glowing :)

xxx Charlie

Anonymous said...

Love these photos! I'd never seen one of them on their wedding day. Such a truly in love, happy couple!

kelly ann said...

they're my favourite, i absolutely adore them. in fact, i had just put some of their tunes on the record player right before i clicked on this post!

Anonymous said...

not dorky at all! rock & roll couples (especially with that country fabulousness like johnny & june) are the ultimate source of casual cool inspiration. i personally aim for a lindsey buckingham/stevie nicks vibe--but the boyfriend isn't that big of a fan :)

Kennedy said...

so adorable! also yes, lets get together soon! i stopped in the newbury st aa this week and was hoping id see you but no luck :(

Kimberellie said...

They do look so happy, don't they? And wow, to the 99 cent wedding dress. I should not have looked at it. It is just my size. I mean, not that I need a wedding dress already being married at all. But it is just so cute, and I am such a compulsive shopper (esp. now that I have paypal all figured out).

Oh, and exciting on the engagement pics. We never did those (but I have every intention of doing them still! I mean, why not?)

heart: Kimberellie

Kimberellie said...

ps. I spent $150.00 on my wedding dress. It was short and my absolute favourite in the store and I would have spent a thousand on it if that had been the price. I guess it was so cheap because it was technically a bridesmaid's dress...a WHITE bridesmaid's dress.

Karen said...

I think June and Johnny are an inspiration for any wedding!!! They were so in love their whole lives!!

Good luck on your wedding photos - I am sure they will be beautiful!!


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