Friday, October 8, 2010

You Asked, I Answered: Pt. 5

Chris will potentially kill me for posting this photo. I mean, it's on my facebook, so it can't be that bad. Lately I've made a habit of posting bad hair photos with these Friday "About me" posts, and I'm getting a little sick of looking at past bad decisions! This photo was taken two years ago at the College's annual art auction. I was actually the photographer for the event, but my friend Chelsea snapped this photo of us lookin' fancy.
So nothing really went as planned this week, and I'm so happy it's over. I'm finally feeling slightly better after being sick with first a sore throat and then a terrible cold/flu for a week! I hate being sick (I think that's kind of a given for anybody, though). Posting will be back to normal next week. We're headed North again this weekend for a friend's wedding and some much needed quality time. Our lives seem to be moving a little too fast paced for my comfort lately, I always feel much better up North.

So, below are more questions from my Formspring account...

Do you have any tattoos? Do you want any?
I have three tattoos (you can see an earlier comment where I discuss what they are), and I really want more!

Who are some of your favorite bloggers? or do you read mostly non-OOTD (outfit of the day) blogs?
The blogs I check out daily are all of the girls from the Delightful Dozen, and a majority of the blogs listed in my links section. I also read a lot of art blogs regularly, and some lifestyle blogs (The Rockstar Diaries, A Cup Of Jo, For Me For You). I also like to check out the blogs of my reader's, I think there is a great diversity there (though I don't often leave comments for the sake of time).

How do you edit your photos?
I use Photoshop CS4, however I rarely change anything other than bringing up the levels a bit and adding some vibrance. I also admit to occasionally clone stamping out a zit or two.

a lot of people have asked me about the "rainbows" in some of my images, that effect is gained by pointing your lens towards the setting sun and positioning the sun just out of frame (you'll see spots dash across your viewfinder).

The best time to shoot is either early morning or around 5 or 6 o'clock in the evening. Shooting mid-day will give you harsh shadows and blown out colors.

Where do you get inspiration for your outfits? Your style is amazing!
Thank you! I get my inspiration from a lot of places, I read a lot of fashion-based history books and a ton of magazines. I also love art, and get a great deal of inspiration from going to museums and gallery events. I love color, pattern, and texture!

Thank you! About 90% of my clothes are bought second-hand at thrift stores, church and charity shops. On rare occasions, I'll buy something from a store in the mall or an outlet, like J.Crew, Forever 21, or H&M. I also receive some clothes from my sponsors (Items that are listed "C/O"), which are all pieces I would purchase online anyways.

Thank you! I love New England so much, I grew up in Maine, my dad lives in New Hampshire, and now I'm in Massachusetts. I'm open to living anywhere if the right opportunity comes along, but right now I'm really happy living in the community that I do. I love having four distinct seasons, and the accessibility of the eastern states. I also really like that there is a lot happening, but at a comfortable pace.

I love Upstate NY too! I did a lot of traveling there last november, there are quite a few posts from when I was in Albany/Saratoga Springs frmo around that time. A lot of my friends from college are upstate NY'ers, I would love to live in the Hudson Valley someday, it's so beautiful!

Thank you so much, that really means a lot! I think blogs are better than magazines in the sense that they allow instant access to millions of individual styles, the inspiration is endless! I actually started my blog when I was in a major fashion rut, it really helps me explore my style more and completely re-ignited my passion for fashion as well, to the point where I realized I wanted to make a career out of it! I hope your friend enjoys Montserrat!

Would you like to get a master's degree sometime in the future?
I would love to eventually get my Masters, but not for another couple of years. I'm so glad that I didn't go for my MFA straight out of college like a lot of my peers, while it may have been the right decision for them, I needed time to figure out the direction I most wanted to go. Which is still something I'm trying to figure out.

What T.V. shows do you enjoy watching?
I don't watch much T.V. because we don't have cable or satellite (it's too expensive), so any shows that I watch have to already be on DVD or on Hulu. It can be really annoying at times to not be able to turn on the T.V. for background noise when I'm doing something, but it's also excellent quality control! I like Mad Men, SNL, and Glee.

How did you grow your hair so long and healthy? I've been trying to grow it out and it's been difficult. Any tips?
First I should tell you that it's taken me about six years of growing-out to get my hair this length. I had a chelsea cut when I was a junior in college, and after that I decided I wanted it longer. It's important to keep cutting/trimming it, even as it grows, so along the way I've had a number of other hairstyles (including an ill-advised fashion mullet). While you may not be game for a fashion mullet, while you're growing it out get the ends trimmed a couple times a year. Contrary to what people believe, cutting it will not actually make it grow faster, but trimming off the scraggly ends as they appear will make it look healthier and you will end up cutting off less in the long run than if you were to grow it super long and then trim it, does that make sense?

As far as health goes, I eat a lot of Omega-3's, tons of avocados, and take fish oil supplements. The benefits of these foods are many, one of which is healthy hair. I also do not blow dry it, and don't use a lot of styling product, and only wash it two times a week.

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Have a great weekend!