Friday, September 17, 2010

You Asked, I Answered: Pt. 4

And the bad photos continue...
Circa 2004 with some of the worst hair and eyebrows ever

Is your whole family as stylish as you?
I'm sure they would say no, but I think they all have their own unique styles. My brother is probably the most obvious "yes", he's actually been on my blog a couple of times! He loves punk and wears some amazing things (some of which he stole from MY closet...I want that Exploited t-shirt back, John!), he even hand painted the Misfits "Horror Business" album cover on the back of his leather jacket. My mom is very outdoorsy and works in the deep woods as a surveyor, so her style is much more rugged. My dad and step-mom are both very casual (when they're not wearing their jumpsuits- they're both Chief Engineer Merchant Marines). And my sister is pretty casual too. I don't really know where I got the fashion gene, but my mom is really artistic.

What are your measurements? I feel like we have similar body types and I was wondering if it was difficult to find clothing that flatters your shape?
I'm 5' 5" 32-26-34, typically a size 2 or 4 in dresses and size 7 or 8 in pants. I used to have a hard time finding clothes, mainly because I didn't know what looked good on me. Over the years, I've learned what to look for in silhouettes: High waist skirts, shorts, and jeans look great on me, whereas skirts that hit at or below my belly button look terrible. Shirts and blouses (unless cropped) need to hit just below my hips or right at my pelvis. Short dresses and skirts look best, midi length is bad. Any clothing that accentuates my waist is awesome. This is part of the reason I wear a lot of older vintage and thrifted clothing, it's made for an hourglass silhouette.

I've also discovered stores over the years whose clothing is the most flattering, this is why you see a lot of J.Crew, ModCloth, and Urban Outfitters on my blog, I have a lot of luck at those places (especially J.Crew).

If you allow yourself to experiment with your silhouettes and play around with proportion, you'll slowly find what looks good. Don't pay attention to the size on the tag- I have pants in my closet that all fit me with a size range of 4 to 11 (!!!)- take a bunch of sizes into the dressing room with you and find what fits and feels best!

What college were you an admissions person for?
Montserrat College of Art (I also graduated from there)

What magazines do you read regularly/ have subscriptions for?
I subscribe to BUST (my all time favorite) and Teen Vogue. and I regularly buy regular Vogue. I also have been really enjoying Vanity Fair lately too. Occasionally I'll buy ReadyMade, Glamour, and Nylon. I can be a bit of a magazine junkie, but I'm trying to cut back because they're expensive!

How do you make time for working out? Is it usually a morning or evening routine?
I usually try and get there in the morning, because that's when I have the car (chris and I share our car), but sometimes I'll go with a friend in the evenings. I'll be honest, it's always a struggle and there are some weeks when I only make it once or twice, but i try to remind myself how how great I feel after my workouts. If you miss a workout, try not to beat yourself up about it, we're only human!

Have you ever had braces?
I've never had braces, there was talk of having to get them in the 4th grade, but my teeth straightened themselves out. My brother on the other hand, was not so lucky.

What was your major in college? and was it easy for you to find a job after graduation?
I majored in Photography in college, graduating with my BFA. After graduation, I moved home for about a year and worked some unrelated jobs, then found my job in Admissions. After working for admissions and also as a campus event photographer, I realized that I love photography but I didn't want a career as a photographer. I think the thing to keep in mind is that you may not immediately find a job that relates to your major, but if you choose to see the benefits of wherever it is that you're working you can still gain valuable experience that will carry with you when you DO find your dream job. So, no it wasn't easy finding a related job right after college, but I made the most of the positions I could find. Hope that helps!

How many cats do you have? do they get along well?
I have two cats, who are brothers. They get along really well, they hang out and play together a lot and I catch them snuggling on a daily basis. I'm not afraid to admit that I'm a little obsessed, they're so sweet!

What is your dream job?
I would love to be a wardrobe stylist. I think it would be a great way for me to mix my background in photography, with my love of working with clothes. Your outfit has the power to make you feel a certain way, I would love to help other women discover their own unique style and also help them with their confidence. I also think it would be extremely cool to work on movie sets in wardrobe!

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I am SO happy it's Friday! Do you have any fun things planned? Chris and I are going to Worcester's stART on the Street on Sunday, and I'm pretty sure we'll go out to breakfast too which is one of my favorite weekend things. Have fun!


Courtney said...

My fiance is looking at graduate schools near Worchester. I'll have to email you if we end up there so you can give me some insight on what the place is like--I've only ever been to Boston!

Len David said...

Hi, dear! We have the same height and the same body figure. I have a long torso and a curvy bottom (i'm not a pear shape but my bottom body is just curvy, even my calves!) What a great advice you've given here! I wear clothes that are high-waisted, because I also have a tiny waist. I also make sure I don't wear skirts that are too long.

Thank you for this! :) And I really love your style! :)

The Boob Nazi said...

I miss shopping at J Crew. But the prices have gone up, I swear!

Mel said...

What a luck, you didn't need braces. I had some for 3 or four years and after the treatment, my dental enamel was quite damaged...:(
Lucky you!

xo, Mel

Estefany said...

I didn't wear any braces either. Although I wanted to really bad for some strange reason haha.

Hope you have a great weekend =)

Emily, Ruby Slipper Traveller said...

Going out for breakfast is probably at the top of my "favourite weekend activities." Something so simple can bring so much pleasure!

Blackbird Fly said...

Thanks for sharing with us!
I love this little Q&A sections. Sometimes with big blogs you feel like you don't really get to know the blogger. Love your style as well.

Morgan (Blackbird Fly)
Blackbird Fly

Sasha said...

I'll be at stART!

Ancia said...

Nice from you to answer these questions. It's always interesting to reader a bit more about other bloggers.

Punky said...

yay! im so excited you guys are coming to visit! see you tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

So fun to learn all your secrets! :)

Sidewalk Chalk said...

I love reading these answers -- it's so cool to learn more about you.

You're so lucky you didn't need braces!

jennieL said...

i just discovered your blog and i'm so happy i did! i love your style. i studied art history and studio art, i used to (try to) be so punk rock in jr.high and high school. i love your morrissey reference in one of your posts. (a favorite of mine). i LOVE bust magazine, and we're like the same size! small world for similarities when it comes to fashion bloggers, eh?
i am definitely going to start following your blog!


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