Monday, September 13, 2010

Workout style file and a review

Jacket: New Balance (TjMaxx)
Performance Leggings: Nike
T-Shirt: Target
Sneakers: Nike
(In case you were wondering...)
Also, Chris took these photos... sorry about the crazyface

I've received a lot of questions lately regarding my workout routine and gym schedule on my Formspring account. I also had the chance to test Dove Visibly Smooth deodorant. What goes together better than the gym and deodorant? Nothing! I thought I would combine the two subjects and do a "Gym Style File".

In the year since I started this blog, my life has seen quite a few mile stones: getting engaged, leaving my job, starting a new job. But to me, one of the most significant changes in my life this year has been the adoption of a regualr fitness routene. Some of you may see that as trivial, but maintaining an adequate amount of activity has been a constant battle for me since moving to Massachusetts three years ago. Growing up in Maine and New Hampshire, all I had to do was walk out the front door and I had fitness gold at my fingertips: there was a small mountain in my backyard to hike, three ski mountains all within 30 minutes, and snowmobiling trails to go running on. When we moved close to the city, all of that was gone and it became considerably more difficult to find fun and athletic things to do. And then that was made substantially more difficult when I discovered the I had arthritis in my knees last year, goodbye running in the great outdoors and hello low-impact gym time!

So, along with my Gym Style File I have a review: Up until recently I really only wore deodorant for special occasions (I know), but after buying my gym membership and working out regularly I realized that this product maybe had it's place in my beauty regimen. When Dove contacted me to try out their new Ultimate Visibly Smooth deodorant, I was curious to see how it would hold up and I admit that I was tempted by the free sample. I've used Dove products in the past, but not the deodorant, so I was curious to see how I liked it and if it really kept me "stubble free for longer", I've been searching for a deodorant that I like for awhile, so I figured I would give this a shot. It's supposed to minimize the look and feel of underarm stubble over time.

The Pros: The scent was nice, it did do it's job and kept me dry through out a week's worth of workouts, the moisturizers seemed to work and kept my skin soft.

The Cons: I didn't see a difference in "stubble" over the seven days that I used the product, after a week I became uncomfortable with using something that claimed to make my hair less noticeable and switched back to the all-natural deodorant I had used before.

In Conclusion: Smells good and kept me dry, in the end I just feel more comfortable using an all natural brand and dealing with the hassle of shaving. I'll take peace of mind over convenience, and if I wasn't such a natural products freak I would use this more often.

What beauty products- natural or otherwise- can you not live without?

Dove kindly provided the deodorant mentioned in this post


Courtney said...

cute post! I prefer to use aluminum-free deodorants so no dove for me.

Anonymous said...

i actually really enjoyed this post! ie. i'm normally a lurker but felt compelled to comment on this one! i just thought i'd add my two cents and say that while 'other' deodorants DO tend to work better, I keep going back to natural products. now for me, the other types are for special occasions :P

righteo then!

Lara said...

I honestly can not live without the following items:
1. Tarte Smooth Operator Clay Finishing Powder. It is the only thing that keeps my oily skin at bay
2. Jojoba Oil. I put this in my hair as a mask for and hour on Sundays and then I wash it out. Fabulous.
3. Chanel Lipstick. Ok, it is the best lipstick ever. And I work in the beauty industry so that says a lot.
4. Vichy NormaDerm lotion. acne fighter+primer = awesome

Tiffany said...

Not really a beauty product, more a workout essential, I always use sport foam wrap for my hair. It's easy to use and keeps the frizzies maintained while I sweat it out.

Rio said...

I love the jumping shot! So epic! You look much cuter than I do in my workout gear! I usually look like a boy about to play an intense game of soccer haha! ;)

Santina said...

I actually like the crazy face! :)


Archives said...

i'd been thinking of trying that deoderant....and i still might give it a whirl. thanks for your honest review!

upatreecupatea said...

I don't think my hair could live without Aveda conditioner. (Well, hair is dead...but you know what I mean!)
Love this post!

Bella said...

I always wonder what all the fashion bloggers wear when they work out. So it was interesting to see you are still stylish when you are running and jumping around ;)

By the way, you really have a gorgeous smile! :)


Kallie, Happy Honey and Lark said...

I cannot live without to complete opposites: Dr Bronner's Magic Soap in rose scent, I've been using this brand forever because its all natural and makes me feel clean and fresh. ALternately I CANNOT live without Certain Dry, which is basically the equivalent of just stuffing aluminum foil under your arms to prevent sweat.
I've tried dove, it was too scented and got all over my clothes. :(
Ps-congrats on the workout routine, its hard to start, but once you really get it down you can't live without it

jane st. clair said...

i agree with you about the freak-out factor on products that claim to do things like keep hair from growing. it makes me wonder: what else is it doing??

my have-to-have products are:

1. a shampoo without sulfates. i'm not all that picky otherwise, but if it has sulfates i feel like i have straw growing from my head

2. a texturizing/volumizing creme (which i feel certain contradicts everything i'm doing with #1)

3. a comb to tease. i'm a teasing freak because otherwise my hair has a tendency to settle into something very suburban housewife-y in a not lovely way.

Intelligent Tool said...

That's too funny about your not wearing deo that often b/c I am totally the same way. My fiance thinks I am gross.... but I don't stink (very often) I swear!!!

Oh and I run every night, so before I change I swipe some on. :)

Mandy Paige said...

I was so excited to see you did a work-out post! Erin of CaliVintage does her cute cycling posts and it's really refreshing to see gals with great style who love being active.

I am so not a product person, but last December I decided I needed to start taking better care of my face so I stopped by a beauty shop to pick something up. I asked a gal at the shop if they had anything reasonable (around $10) and she said "I don't even shop here!" She quietly recommended I pick up Neutrogena Daily Scrub and Olay Refreshing Toner...I've been hooked ever since. No more cystic acne and my skin feels and looks great all the time. It's awesome.

sparkle is a color (Katrina) said...

I think it's so funny you save deodorant for special occasions! I forgot mine today and I have been stressing all day. Which is probably not helping my underarm situation.

I absolutely cannot live without my concealer. Laura Mercier makes the best one and there's no way I would leave the house without it on my face.

Birta said...

A few things I can't live without:

-Estée Lauder hydrationist face cream

-Diorshow mascara


I wish I could use aluminum-free deodorant, but they just don't do the job for me. I sweat a LOT so I need something that minimizes the flow and smell. I've used Dove go fresh deodorant for a year now, but this New York summer was so hot and humid that I actually ruined (yes, ruined) two t-shirts by sweating.

You definitely sold me this deodorant. I don't care if it minimizes stubble or whatever, but if it keeps me dry and smellfree, bring it on!

chelsea lee aka spicklebee said...

I have to agree on the freakout about what this could be doing to me internally if its stopping hair growth!!

I am sweater and I love my deodorant, but I'm not willing to forgo the chemical scare so I stick to aluminium-free products.

Can't live without:
1. Dr Bronner Peppermint Oil Castile Soap -seriously. I've used it for years and can't imagine scrubbing up without it!

2. Smith's Rosebud Salve. I have this stuff stashed everywhere. I just can't live without lip balm of some sort at all times!!

Love the workout face - go get 'em tiger!!

elle said...

What a great idea for an unconventional outfit post! I love it!

Also I love that you gave an honest review of the product instead of gushing over it b/c you got it for free.

Anonymous said...

wow i love your nikes! what kind are they, i've been looking for some new running/gym shoes for a while now...
also, i tried that deo as well, and i switched back to my original (ban)

D'Andra said...

I can't live without my Tom's of Maine toothpaste. I hate the sugary taste of other toothpastes.

Dora Berry said...

I totally agree with deodorant issue. I just can't buy deodorant that isn't all natural. It weirds me out and I get scared that the aluminum causes cancer. I mean aluminum? In my deodorant?? No thanks. My aunt had breast cancer for years (is a survivor!!) and always put it in my head that deodorant is bad! So when I use it I go for the aluminum free kind. Glad to see I'm not the only one! :-)

Anonymous said...

i use deodorant- no anti-perspirant, so that rules out most drugstore things. however, i've noticed that my favorite one, Liquid Crystal, has been much easier to find lately at regular drugstores. there is a new 'green tea' scent that i love so much! it doesn't seem like a scent you would wnat in your armpits, but it seems to keep me less smelly for longer than the other kinds. their lavendar scent is my 2nd fav.

and jessicurl shampoo is another thing i can't live without! no sulfates or silicones.

Kaitlyn Elizabeth said...

Ok, so the first upper right Photo, you look really hot in your workout clothes! HAHA What made you get a gym membership and how do you deal with not being the more perfect person there? After I stopped riding horses I really need to work out, but being the 'not perfect' girl at the gym is REALLY hard for me... How do you still feel confident there?

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