Tuesday, September 21, 2010

She's 68 but she says she's 54

I have a lot of photos today, I always have a lot when Chris takes my pictures...
(Photos: Chris)
Sweater: Thrifted ($5)
Fur Stole: Great-Grandmother's
Velour Shirt: Thrifted ($1)
Skirt: UO ($20)
Belt: Gift from friend
Tights: AA
This outfit was one of those "start small and add, add, add to it until it works" kind of outfit's. Originally, I was wearing the yellow velour shirt as a dress, with just the tights and shoes, which felt kind of sparse. I added the skirt next, and then the sweater, and then the fur. In the end the result was exactly what I was going for, kind of "crazy old scandinavian woman". This sweater has become my solution to my lack of a fall jacket, I love how it looks with my Great-Grandmother's fur stole added to the collar, I was unsure on whether to get it when I came across it in the thrift store, but I'm glad I did. The colors are so versatile.

I've been wearing these Jeffrey Campbell clogs from ModCloth non-stop lately. Now that I'm working a job where I'm on my feet all day, I haven't been wearing heels and wedges very often. I had been looking for a pair of shoes for fall that had some height to them, but were still comfortable, these clogs were perfect. I know some people don't like the clog trend, but I love it. They're so functional and I'm loving anything that reminds me of my mom from the 70's lately. Have you been to the ModCloth site these days? I went on the other day and was stoked to find out they're offering pre-orders for the BB Dakota holiday line, there are so many things I have my eye on (like the Tularosa coat, le sigh)!
I'm also completely aware that I look like Maude lately:
I've been wearing my hair in Heidi braids non-stop these days. It's easy and keeps my hair out of my face while I work. Interested in knowing how to do this style? Stay tuned for a how-to tomorrow!