Friday, September 24, 2010

Events, Features, General Happenings, and Boston Fashion Week

This has definitely been one of those weeks where I've had almost too much to write about, a lot seems to be going on. I've definitely had a few "holy shit" moments, biggest of which was seeing my Heidi Braids post on Joanna's blog yesterday, I saw last week that she was looking for a tutorial which coincided nicely with my current Heidi Braid obsession.

Along with that, a little project that took place about a month ago towards the end of summer finally came to fruition! When Punky asked me to model for her collaboration with New Brahmin, I was thrilled! I love all these inspiring ladies and it was a great day spent on the coast of Maine, braving the winds, sand, and surf in the name of fashion. Of course, being from Maine originally made the shoot all that more special, I love being able to represent my home state! Go here to check out the photos, shot by the very talented Adam Towner.

Boston Fashion Week:
Did you know Boston has it's own Fashion week? It's certainly not as glamourous as NYFW, but it is a great chance to unite with other Boston based fashion aficionados for some events in the city. The event that I'm most excited for is this:
You can go to Punky's blog to read more about it!

More BFW events:
Tonight at 6 pm I'll be at Hotel Chocolat for Exposure: Couture & Chocolat "A toast to local couturiers in Boston’s favorite and undeniably fashion-forward chocolatier, Hotel Chocolat. Premiere of "Behind the Design" - a unique portrayal of New England's design professionals and some of their most fabulous fashion creations photographed in local settings, created and produced by Tracy Aiguier and Terri Mahn."

Hotel Chocolat

141A Newbury Street, Boston MA

Open to the public, space permitting.

Tonight at 9 pm I'll be at the Liberty Hotel for Industry 10 where "Ten local fashion aficionados have come together to host an evening celebrating Boston Fashion Week 2010"

Liberty Hotel

215 Charles Street, Boston MA

Doors open at 9PM

RSVP required. Chris Haynes at

Arrive early, space is limited.

On Wednesday September 29th I'll be at The Estate for

ABSOLUT FASHION presented by Rue La La and Salon Marc Harris "

This exciting evening of cutting-edge fashion features designs by Kelly Dempsey, Jeury Rosario, and Andy Jacques Couture. Special presentation by Anthony Ferrara, acclaimed for creating the $500,000 metal mesh dress featured in the Absolut vodka campaign that graced the pages of Vogue magazine in the 1990’s. Models provided by Model Club Fashion."

Doors: 9:30PM
Fashion show: 10:30PM
Complimentary admission before 10:30PM with VIP Invitation.
General Admission $10
The Estate
1 Boylston Place – The Alley, Boston MA

On Thursday September 30th I'll be at

The Swapaholics' Boston Fashion Week Sip & Swap! "

Swapping is the new shopping: Clean out your closets & make room for some new fall favorites -- possibly free -- by joining The Swapaholics at Boston Fashion Week's first clothing swap & wine tasting!"

Amy (Punky) Chase:
The Arts at the Armory, 191 Highland Avenue, Somerville MA
$10, more info & registration link at (tickets go on sale 8/25)
7PM - 10PM

To read the whole BFW schedule, go here:

Have a great weekend (I cannot wait to sleep in!)!

PS- There's still time to enter the giveaway!


Glamour Bbey. said...

How are you? Your blog is great and I love your style! I'm glad that I've visited yours.

Please, check mine, & maybe we can follow eachother? + join my giveaway!

Thanks and love,

cb said...

wow, what a fun and busy week! you look amazing in every shot!!! i bet it was super fun!


Rio said...

Holy moly! You've got a lot going on lady! How exciting and fun! :) By the way, you inspired me to try the Heidi braids, but it was an epic fail because my hair is too short with too many layers haha! I'll just have to live vicariously through yours! ;)

Blackbird Fly said...

Oh wow the photos on new brahmin are beautiful. Both you and the clothing look stunning. Sounds like you have a busy week! Enjoy!

-Morgan (Blackbird Fly)
Blackbird Fly

Camilla Leila said...

you're such a gorgeous model!!!
i love those shots.


sparkle is a color (Katrina) said...

Hi Julie! You look awesome in those pictures, that must have been so fun!

I have a question about the Swapaholics events...can anyone go to these? I mean, as long as you bring things to swap? I would so love to go to one, but I don't want to show up and have people saying, "Um, who are you...?"

Thanks!! ~Katrina

Lady Moriarty said...


I've just discovered your blog via Vintage Virgin. I really like this last outfit of you, you did great !

See U !

Kamilly Almeida said...

Hello, my name is Kamilly, I am Brazilian and I loved your blog! I liked the style! I'm going!

briannelee said...

I think its so fun that Boston has a fashion week!

Second Time Around is having a fun event on Monday:

LovelyLeigh said...

I am defiantly going to one or two of these events, I hope to see you there!!! I didnt know Boston had a fashion week, but Im so glad Im here for it!!!

Anonymous said...

oh man. it looks like wednesday and thursday are going to be the biggest days to go out this week! of COURSE i have taken classes ONLY on wednesday and thursday.

the only event i'm going to is mendoza on sunday night and maybe the expo next saturday. it looks like it will be an exciting art installation video fashion party drinks kind of thing.

you peeps have a good time swapping!

Abdusselam Bitiren said...

amazing pics. I like country style. and these are pretty good :)
Sarah James
Decorating Ideas

Wood Wool and Stone said...

Thanks for leaving me my first ever comment! :) <3 You made my weekend!

That photo shoot looks like fun..And the swap too! I have never been to a swap. Always wanted to though...I need to check for ones nearby. I always think that the stuff that I would bring would be the stuff no one wants and that people would wonder "who would ever wear this?!" Haha...That shouldn't matter though, because the leftovers get donated.

Hope you had a great weekend! Sounds like it's a busy one!

Marissa said...

Hey there! I keep hearing your name pop up during Boston Fashion Week. Hopefully we'll get to meet at the swap!

xo Marissa
(The Well-Appointed Catwalk)

Becca Jane said...

Looking fantastic in that lookbook - wow!

Anonymous said...

aaaah youre going to the swap? awesome! i'm super pumped but also wicked intimidated that the level of clothing i'm bringing won't be up to snuff--it's like a need new clothes just so i'm not embarrassed about what i give away!
hope to see you there

Quarter Life Crisis said...

The sketch in the picture for Boston Fashion Week looks exactly like you. You must be their muse!

Love your blog!

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