Friday, August 13, 2010

You asked, I answered: Pt. 2

I've really been enjoying going through all my old photos for these Friday posts. Chris, not so much, I don't think he likes having the past dug up and plastered all over the internet! so, just me today:
Circa 2007 while I still worked at Chris's step-mom's salon

Have You ever Been to Texas?
Yes! I love Texas, I've been to Austin a few times and every time I go, it's harder to come home. I've also been to San Antonio and Dallas.

How tall are you?
I'm five feet, five inches

When did you decide to pierce your nose?
I pierced my nose two years ago when I turned 24, it was a birthday present from Chris.

Where are you working now?
Right now I am blogging and freelancing full time.

How come you are so amazing? ;)
haha, thank you! I just try and be as authentic as possible!

I've just started using Blogspot and I was wondering, how do you add more than one tab at the top of your page? So far I've only got one that says Home.
My template was made by a graphic designer friend, I wish I could offer more information. I would maybe google it. Sorry!

What High School did you attend?
I attended a semi-private high school in Southern Maine (note: for those of you unfamiliar with semi-private schools, it often means that the population in the area in which the school is located is not large enough to warrant building a public school. Therefore the taxpayers pay for the local kids to attend, I was a local, not a boarding student)

What is your biggest insecurity?
While I certainly have my insecurities from time to time, over the years I have made a greater effort to not focus on them. I am not a saint, there are certainly things about myself that I sometimes wish I could change, however there is no use obsessing over them because in the grand scheme of things, they just don't matter. I think I have a lot more to be thankful for than to fret about, and I remind myself of that every time I start to feel bad about any one little thing.

Do you have any scars on your body? If so, how'd you get them?
I have a lot of scars, received in a great many ways: Chickenpox, climbing- and then falling out of- trees, falling off bikes, etc. I was a rough kid.

If you could go on vacation for the next month with an unlimited budget, where would you go?
I would drive cross-country in a heartbeat.

Do you follow any other blogs that aren't fashion related, like fitness, or nutrition, or lifestyle? Any suggestions?
I do! it's hard to keep track, I tend to jump here and there in my blog reading. I love reading cooking blogs like Smitten Kitchen and Ming Makes Cupcakes and I follow a lot of art blogs (there is a list of "Artists and Designers" under my blog roll that I highly recommend). I also love Design Sponge, Camp Comfort, For Me For You, A Cup Of Jo, City of Dionne, and the Rockstar Diaries. I don't read any fitness or nutrition blogs, I keep myself updated through other websites for that sort of stuff (self magazine, vegetarian times, etc.)

Aside from Savers & Modern Millie...where do you shop for thrift/vintage?
I hit up the Salvation Army but rarely have any luck, I also try to visit as many church and charity shops as possible when i drive home to Maine because they tend to be cheapest. The majority of my wardrobe was bought from these kind of shops, as I typically don't have enough cash to go shopping at vintage boutiques. I always recommend going to thrift stores when you're traveling, most of my clothes were bought at out of state stores and carted home!

Well, that's it for today. the weather today is perfect, and Chris and I have spent most of it lounging at the park, taking pictures, and hanging out with our cats. It's one of those days where you can tell Fall is slowly trickling in and all I want to do is bake pies and curl up with a book or a movie or both! Have a lovely weekend! xoxo

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Under Urooba's Umbrella! said...

Haha--your hair is absolutely brill!

Fabiola "Fab" said...

you're funny! :)

Lauren said...

I love your Joan Jett hair :) I love your beautiful hair now, but this is a fun blast from the past!

Small Time Style

Anonymous said...

So lovely to read more about you. Sweet hair!


Carrie said...

I had never heard of the semi-private school thing until I started dating my boyfriend. He had to do the same thing once his parents moved to rural Maine when he was in high school!

Megan said...

Hair is just great. Wish I could pull something like that off! Haha, so good.

張王雅竹欣虹 said...


Anonymous said...

this was great! thanks for sharing. (i have a similar spiky hair photo...only mine was a pixie cut and i had just gotten my nose pierced, so it's not a pretty sight.) anyway, sounds like you were quite the tomboy growing up? maybe? i certainly was...never wanted to come in from playing, brought bugs in the house (they needed a home. duh.), played home run derby with the boys...i was a little rough around the edges, too.

look at us now! ;)

Emily, Ruby Slipper Traveller said...

Brilliant hair! I was certainly a tree-climber, but I wish I had some crazy hair photos to look back at... ; )

zoë biggs said...

great stuff! you must have lived in a tiny little town. it always really interests me when people come from small towns and move to the big city. such different lifestyles!

Bostonista said...
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Bostonista said...

very cute hair!

Hal said...

I used to have a 2-tone rocker mullet! I loved it. Looked great on you! xo


The Owl's Closet said...

i enjoyed reading these! thanks for sharing:) wow, cool hair!

Anonymous said...

This is great! and I love your hair in that pic :D Wow, I totally imagined you to be much taller than I am, but we're the same height! :)

Tracy @ The Wardrobe Wanderer

Anonymous said...


*rachelwears said...

i love your blog and your style and this post so def now following!

Anonymous said...

I didn't realize that you're from too! I think I might know what little town in southern Maine you went to b/c I think we played you guys in field hockey:)

I'm actually headed back there this weekend and I'm hoping to have the time to do a little thrifting.

Great post!

- Meredith

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