Monday, August 23, 2010

White Feathers

Shoes: Thrifted ($10)
Belt: Vintage (gift)
Tights: UO ($4 sale)
Bracelet: Vintage (old)
I had about a 10 minute window this afternoon to run out and take some photos, we're finally getting some much needed rain. Today is one of those windy and rainy pre-fall days where you just want to curl up in a sweatshirt and hide out indoors. Which is exactly what I'm doing. We got some cooler weather this weekend too, which has aided the trees to start turning, pretty soon Fall will be in full swing in New England!

I was happy to be able to break out some tights this morning, I tried this dress this past weekend sans-tights and it was a little too short for my comfort. Tights make me much more comfortable with really short clothing. I love how the blue, brown and white work together. I've been looking for the perfect white dress all summer, I love this one from ModCloth and I could immediately imagine it with a brown belt and tights. Sure it's a little short, but the lace is so pretty and I love the three quarter sleeves, even though it's white I plan to wear it long after labor day with tights and a sweater.

I found these shoes last week at a thrift store in New Hampshire, they're new, but I bought them because they remind me of 60's loafers with the little square heel. I love new shoes that look old, you get all the comfort of newly designed footwear but the style of something vintage.
Also stay tuned for a another giveaway on Wednesday, this one is going to be really fun! All I'm going to say is pay close attention to my accessories today and tomorrow!

I once again didn't get any images of my weekend, Chris and I drove to Maine to visit my Mom on Friday and stayed until Saturday night. We went peach picking, had a bon fire and ate smores. Sometimes weekends are too good to stop and take photos!

How was your weekend?