Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Hot as hades

So, I almost called this post "Cycle Chic" but then I noticed that this outfit isn't particularly chic. And you know what? It's too hot to care. It is so bloody hot today, one of those days where you step outside and instantly start sweating. A tshirt and cut-offs day.
T-Shirt: J.Crew Outlet ($5)
Belt: Thrift gift from Mom
Shorts: Self cut (really really old)
Cycling Cap: c/o Mister Nutter
To be honest, I've been a bad blogger: I was supposed to post about this awesome hat by Mister Nutter last week (before August rushed in), but life decided to blow up in my face. It seems to be serendipity though, the day I decide to post about my new cycling cap, there is a bike race in town! This week is Beverly's (my town) homecoming week, which means fireworks this weekend and the Beverly Grand Prix today. The Prix is actually more fast paced than you would think, there are probably 100 cyclists who have 40 minutes to make as many laps as possible around a pre-determined route. It's really pretty exciting! The action in town inspired me to break out my own bike for ride. I thought this cute nautical necklace complemented the jaunty polka-dotted cap so well, I really love how laid back this outfit is.

So as promised, some ring photos! Chris did such an amazing job picking it out, it's perfection art deco style. The band and little diamonds around the edges are all original from the early 30's. Our friend Emily who is a jeweler was going to scrap it, but Chris gave it another life:
And here are some photos I took at the prix this afternoon:
Phew! It's been quite a day! Chris had his hand surgery this morning and other than some post-op pain, he is doing fine. We've both been up since 4am though, which is WAY too early in my book. After spending seven hours in the hospital today, I've decided that we're ordering out tonight!


EDIT: as per Kimberley's request, my bike is a vintage Concord "Mixtee" that I bought at a flea market for $60