Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Introducing the Franklin Collection: A Jess LC / Delightful Dozen Collaboration!

I am so excited to be sharing with all of you the launch of Jess LC's latest line of jewelry: The Franklin Collection. The collection is a set of five necklaces with different "intentions" embossed on them in braille. The collection was truly a collaborative effort, the intentions were submitted and voted on by her blog readers!

The decision to print each intention in Braille was so the wearer could rub the piece of jewelry throughout the day to remind themselves of their intention. The intention is also printed in the traditional English alphabet on the reverse, but I like the Braille side better, it's kind of like a secret.

In continuation of the collaborative spirit the collection holds, Jess enlisted the Delightful Dozen to style the lookbook! It was so exciting viewing the lookbook for the first time this morning, I love seeing how each girl styled their necklace and how each intention really fit the wearer. I had a hard time at first deciding between "Just Breathe" and "Dream Bigger", in the end I chose the latter because I felt it was positive and really fit the changes my life has been going through this year. While most of the other girls chose stones to accompany their necklaces, I decided to go with minimalism because I wanted all of the focus to be on the texture of the Braille.

Tomorrow, I'll show you the rest of the pictures from the shoot!

What intention would you choose?


Jeimy Denisse. said...

I love them all!!

It's so hard to choose between Be Brave and Dream Bigger. But, I think I would definitely choose Dream Big because I know that with those two little words always next to me I will always be able to go above and beyond what I have already accomplished to accomplish even more.

Might have to pick one of these up!

PS. I LOVE your blog, one of my daily reads :)

Amanda said...

i would pick either 'be brave' or 'breathe'. it's hard to pick, because i always need reminding to do both! Wish i could get one, they are SO cute! I love them!


Nicoloushka said...

O wow! Jewelery from Chicago! That's awesome, they are so beautiful. I would chose Be Brave or Be Thankful pendants, but really, I think I can think of a few friends who would really appreciate them as gifts instead.

Are they made in Chicago? I can't wear nickle myself, but I would love to know if they're made locally.

Great post! I think your pendant is very charming sans stone. Sincere.

Archives said...

yes! i've loved seeing these pop up around my fav blogs all day. probs gonna have to splurge on one of these! so great.

saracarver said...

I feel like a total jerk writing this and I'm sure I'm simply sticking my foot in my mouth but are the "Be Brave" and "Breathe" necklaces reversed? I know nothing of braille but it seems as though there is a continuity in the symbol for "be" in the first two, that correlates with the fourth image, but the third saying. Does that make any sense? hah

But I do love them all!

Orchid Grey said...

Sharp eye, Sarah! I'll have to email Jess about that, I totally see what you mean!

dear kate said...

what a great idea and great way to remind yourself throughout the day!

Anonymous said...

I love the whole look - the dress, shoes, and necklace! If I had to choose, I'd pick Be Brave.

Anonymous said...

I can read braille, and these necklaces are full of typos.. They're gorgeous, but.. *shrug* Just being honest. :3

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