Wednesday, March 24, 2010

L.L. Bean Signature


Any Mainer (or former Mainer, as the case may be) worth their Lobster and Chickadees is almost required to have an old pair of L.L. Bean Duck boots hiding in the back of their closet. L.L. Bean has been around for nearly a century and finally received a breath of fresh air with the new Signature Collection. The pieces above are my favorites, I love the subtle nod to the 1970's, like something my mom would have worn running around Portland when she was younger. I'll definitely be saving my pennies for the Mariner Leather Purse. It's all making me incredibly nostalgic for home!


chelsea lee aka spicklebee said...

I love this! And I love the Chickadee reference. My grandpa used to call me chickadee all the time.

The sailor jeans are awesome and I think I'd take everything in the Daysail collection. That striped turtleneck - swoon! I've kind of always had a nautical/preppy obsession but in a 70s sort of laid-back way. This fits that perfectly! Thanks for sharing!!

Lucy Marmalade said...

My mom showed me these cute wedges, and I love them too!

Those sailor pants are oh-so-nautical.

Lexie said...

i looove the sailor jeans! if only the inseam weren't so long! :(

Sarah said...

I love this new collection. I am an LL Bean fan so this is just perfect. I think it was a good idea for them to introduce this line. I too love the Mariner Leather Purse.

Rosie said...

Seriously, as a fellow New Englander I can appreciate this. Thanks for getting with the times L.L. Bean! I want everything here especially those jeans!

Anonymous said...

These pieces are so cute! I especially love the wedges.

xoxo Mamie Girls

KATE said...

Yay! I thought I was the only transplanted (to Massachusetts as well) Mainer to obsess about the LL signature collection, gushing about it to all of my non-Mainer friends...

I can't wait to buy something from Beans that isn't a) boots, b) a backpack with my initials, or c) a down coat.

Love your blog!!


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