Thursday, February 25, 2010

Weather Girl

Dress: Thakoon for Target (30.00)
Shoes: Charlotte Ronson via Ebay (60.00)
Tights: TjMaxx (4.99)
Necklaces: H&M / Dolly and Boy
Belts: from other dresses
Today has been a no good, blah blah blah, very bad day...or however the saying goes. So, let's focus on the positive. Good things: I received a new dress in the mail from Urban Outfitters! Also received the new UO spring/summer lookbook, which is gorgeous! Grilled cheese with apples and onions for dinner! Cats! Yay! Something else that I'm thankful for: I had the foresight to take outfit photos on Tuesday, before we experienced 48 straight hours of rain, with 48 more to go. All you New York and Philly girls, count your blessings you're getting snow, because this is disgusting.

Anyway enough complaining, on to my outfit. I realized that I haven't worn my Thakoon dress in awhile and I really liked how the grey looked with my purple shoes. I chose to keep the palette neutral, rather than add a lot of color, since the shoes are so eye-catching. I added a couple of long, drapey necklaces to add some texture up top.

I'm keeping things short and sweet tonight, hope you all stay dry! And don't forget to enter my giveaway!