Friday, January 1, 2010

auf Wiedersehen 2009!

Dress: Rodarte for Target (44.99)
Belt: Vintage (3.00)
Tights: TjMaxx (4.99)
Heels: Guess (34.99)
Bracelet: H&M (2.99)
Photos taken by: Chris (xoxo)

Hello January! Hello 2010! Did everyone have a festive New Years? I'm so excited to be welcoming in a new year (and my birth month!), I have a lot of plans for myself and lot of plans for Orchid Grey. Have you all been thinking about your resolutions? It's a new decade too don't forget, any plans for the next ten years? I know it's a lot to think about!

Here are some of my goals for the next year...
1. Get (and stay) organized! My computer desktop is a mess and I'm really due to clean out my filing cabinet, time to hop to it!
2. Be smarter with my money! This is something I always say I'm going to do, and this year it has to happen!
3. Make this blog bigger and better! I have some exciting things planned (including that elusive hair post I've been procrastinating on!)
4. Find more opportunities to show and promote my artwork! This includes (finally) getting a professional website!

And some goals for the decade...
1. Get a job in fashion! I am always telling people to do what they love and it's time to take my own advice!
2. Get married! Preferably to Chris, hopefully it won't take ten years, haha! Ahem...

So my beautiful readers, I want to know your resolutions! What are your plans for 2010?

Have a safe and happy weekend!

P.S. Check out how the beautiful Tieka and Jen styled this same Rodarte for Target dress, we're style triplets!