Friday, December 18, 2009

Wednesday's Girl (plus! Q&A)

Sweater: Vintage hand-me-down
Skirt: Re-worked Vintage (3.99)
Belt: Vintage hand-me-down
Tights: TjMaxx (4.99)
Boots: Jeffrey Campbell (39.99 sale)
Photos: Chris (thanks hunny!)
Boy, it was cold Wednesday too! Chris had the day off so we did a quick kamikaze photo shoot before we froze too much. This was another skirt I re-worked last week, originally bought from Salvation army, I hacked off about 10 inches to give it the mini length I like.
Well, I received tons of questions in response to this post last weekend and I'm going to attempt to answer all of them. But, for the sake of keeping things within reason, I'm going to break up the questions into a few posts over the next few days with a few questions at a time. So, here we go!
Q&A with Orchid Grey
(do you like what I did there?)
How, if at all, has having a blog effected your personal style?- Second Skin
I started this blog as a way to explore my closet more, and also to try and utilize what I already had. Having the blog has expanded my ideas of what my preexisting closet is capable of and what it has to offer. Before, I was easily dissatisfied with what I owned, now I'm excited to get dressed every day and figure out a brand new conglomeration of clothing! My personal style has become much more interesting and full of variety. I've also become much more aware of what looks good on my body type, which makes shopping easier! I feel that my closet is now fully operational, and I'm much less apt to go out and buy something new.

What's the one piece you couldn't live without?- Brittany
That is a really hard question, I'm not sure if I really have a favorite piece of clothing! Tights play a huge part in my wardrobe, so i would have to say tights. I rarely wear pants- its mostly dresses and skirts for me- so a variety of tights keep things interesting for me and have the ability to dramatically change the vibe of an outfit.

Do your friends/ family know about your blog? What's the most bizarre/ crazy/ fun/ flattering reaction you have gotten?-Brittany
My friends and family are aware of my blog. I pretty much tell anyone and everyone about it. My mom will sometimes tell me she liked such and such outfit or photo. I'm pretty sure my brother thinks it's silly and my Dad and Step-mom don't know what a blog is. I haven't really gotten any crazy reactions from people, but I'm worried about too many people finding out about it at the college I work at. I would like to keep work and blog as separate as possible. Someone did recognize my boyfriend at the snowboard shop he works at from one of my posts, he was a little scared!

How/when you started blogging. Advice for new bloggers.- Liz
I've been reading blogs for about a year and i finally decided to start Orchid Grey at the end of May of this year. Blogging has helped me keep an organized schedule and also helped me re-discover how much I like photography (which is always love/hate for me). I have also become way more motivated! I think the most important thing for new bloggers to do is to keep your blog in your own voice. It's easy to feel like every post has to be editorial-grade writing, but I find blogs which are written more naturally vastly more interesting. Good photography also makes a big difference, make sure your photos are in-focus and clear. Your photos don't have to be perfect, but that attention to detail goes a long way. And the biggest: write about what you want to write about and what you care about!

Your favorite food- Liz
Right now I'm really digging brie cheese on anything. But especially in omelets with asparagus. I also really love breakfast food and coffee. Lots and lots of coffee!

What do you see yourself doing in five years. -Liz
Right now my goal is to find a way to marry my background in photography with my love for fashion. I don't want to do fashion photography, but I am really interested in set styling and set design. I want to get my hands dirty! It's a loose goal right now, but things are slowly becoming more concrete. I'm really excited for the next five years. I think they'll be good.

More answers to your pressing questions next week!
Bonne Weekend!

PS- my hair was awful today and just didn't want to be done (the photos above are from Wednesday). My hair tutorials have been pushed to next week. Please forgive me! I'm sorry!


Jen said...

i love love love your vintage skirt and sweater. and the color of those tights is so rich and gorgeous :)

Tieka, Selective Potential said...

I absolutely love this. The colors here are perfect.. I love those tights and shoes so much!

stealthnerd said...

Wow, I LOVE that outfit!! It's sooo pretty!! And it's really cool that you reworked the skirt, do you do a lot of your own tailoring beyond just hems?

khdz said...

aw... i love the first picture. it's so cute.

i must say, i really like your blog. you seem to put a lot of thought into every aspect, and you sincerely care about your readers. thanks for commenting on my stuff.. I'm sure you have a great future ahead of you whatever you do :)

chic said...

The cardi is awesome! You're also motivating me to buy items that need alteration more and to not dismiss their potential greatness because of a bit of work.

Love the Q&A! :)


Corinna said...

i love your cardigan and the way you do your hair :)

The Village Idiot said...

love love love the cardigan!!
i also love brie- especially hot with a little fruit preserves on a cracker- yum! tis the season to not worry about what you eat ;)

Jennifer said...

ooh great job with the reworked skirt. You look great!

Orchid Grey said...

thanks all! Stealthnerd, for now the most I do tailoring-wise are skirts and taking in vintage dresses (I have zero boobs so there is usually a lot of extra unneeded fabric to do away with!)

Clare said...

I love that you're doing this Q&A. And I LOVE your hair in these pictures!!

Lexie said...

soooo pretty!

i tried for so long to keep my blog personal from my family, but when i kept getting my sister to take my picture outside, they caught that *something* was up ... and i'm a horrible liar, haha!

piglet said...

Gorgeous cardigan! I love the almost neutral colour scheme.

Anonymous said...

Oh I love the color of those tights! fabulous!
and I love brie!

Taylor Sterling said...

beautiful! I love the tights!

cupcake♥trash said...

I like your hair in this post

Nadia Kamballa said...

Love your outfit and hairdo.. Will be waiting for the next Q & A, dear.. ^^

Anonymous said...

i love your blog- it's inspiring to see someone put together great outfits from affordable pieces : )

may i ask where you got the jeffrey campbell boots?

eunice said...

i love your Q&A! really enjoyed reading your answers. Great job on the blog, you're definitely one of my favourite bloggers :)

Fancy Pants

heart charlie said...

LOVE these photos, the colors are electric, and I love that sexy bridget bardot hair style!!!

Brittany said...

You always have the most perfect locations! I'm dieing over those shoes right now...

Anonymous said...

amazing tights! Just found your blog and I love the way you put vintage and contemporary clothes together. I would love to see more! Would you like to trade links?

CH!C $hock said...

the sweater is so cute ! and your hair is gorgoouess!

princesspolitico said...

fabulous outfit! unfortunately people don't mix neutrals with purple much - i love this color combination.

great photo location! it really expresses the unique nature of your personal style. oh yes and i really like this q&a post. it's really nice to learn more about the person behind the blog :)


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