Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Daily Style...

This week's Daily Style posts will be considerably more casual... because I'm on Vacation!
Shirt: Vintage Saks Fifth Avenue via thrift (3.00)
Skirt: American Apparel via thrift (8.00)
Shoes: hand-me-down Dexter's from Adria (free)
Bag: Vintage Dooney & Bourke via Thrift (7.00)
Belt: Vintage via gift from Mom
Scarf: Thrift (.50)
Tights: TjMaxx (4.99)
First off, I'm gonna nip this right in the bud: Yes, that is a pot leaf on my belt. This belt has been mine since the seventh grade when my mom and I discovered it at an antique shop. I was super interested (read: obsessed) with the late 60's and hippie culture (I still own many of my mother's hand-made dresses from that time in history) when I was younger, so this belt fit the bill with it's hand-tooled leather, brass, and vague drug reference. It may not be everyones cup of tea, but you have to admit: it's pretty awesome.

My shirt is something I found last week when I was in Maine for work (I love worn in flannel), fitting because I drove back to Maine today! I'm now at my mom's house for the week, and I'm so happy to be here! This week is not only a small reprieve from my normal schedule but also marks the near-end of my travel season for work! Yay, no more living out of suitcases! I have to say I am looking forward to that last part the most, I have really felt like a one trick pony the last few weeks with my outfits! I can't wait to re-discover my closet!

This afternoon I met up with my brother for coffee, and he was nice enough to take some pictures of me at the scenic train station in town (thanks, John!). In return I took a picture of him:

And now I'm posting it on the internet.