Thursday, September 3, 2009

Nightly Style...

Today I received my new Alice & Olivia boots from Payless, this of course warranted a photo-shoot...
Hat: Chris' from work (free from his night stand!)
Flannel: Hand me down (free!)
Tee-Shirt: f21 (4.00)
Jeans: BDG High Waisted Cigarette (gift form chris)
Socks: Target (5.00)
Wedges: Alice&Olivia for Payless (49.99)
I'm really excited to have these for winter, I think they'll be pretty versatile. These shoes also keep with my theme from yesterday which was entirely ignoring my knee issues and taking up in 4"- no! make that FIVE inch platform shoes. Today brought another visit to the Orthopedist where I was told that I have arthritis. That's right.. arthritis. WTF? I'm 25, I shouldn't have arthritis in both of my knees. WTF, I can't say it enough. Www-Ttt-Fff. I'm really bummed about this, I was told to stop running and to start doing low-impact sports (hello! expensive gym membership), the bright side is that I can keep snowboarding, which...thank god, I don't know how I would pass another New England without being able to do. My knees- especially my right- have been swollen for weeks now and sadly you can kind of see it through my jeans. Gross.
SO, in other news my mom is picking me up tomorrow and whisking me away to Maine until Tuesday, we're renting a beach house! I'm hoping to have a computer with me, so I will try to post as normally as possible, but rest assured I'll have a lot to post about next week! What will you be up to for the holiday, any special plans? Tell me!


Elaine said...

No way!!!! That is crazy!!! I guess there is always water aerobics with the grannies ;);). I'm so sorry to hear that though. At least you look HOT in those boots!!!!

Clare said...

Ooh, love those boots!! Sorry about the arthritis! I'm spending the weekend in Michigan with Joe, doing a brewery-touring bonanza trip. I'm stoked!

Orchid Grey said...

@Elaine: Ha! I need to get myself one of those swim caps with all the flowers on it!

@Clare: That sounds like so much fun!

San Francisco Stylephile said...

So sorry to hear about the arthritis. I agree with Elaine, you are looking super cute in those Alice & Olivia boots!

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