Thursday, September 17, 2009

Daily Style...

Sweater: Salvation Army (2.00)
Belt: UO Bargain Basement (9.99)
Skirt: Old Navy (2.00)
Tights: TjMaxx (5.00)
Shoes: Vince Camuto via TjMaxx (25.00)
I had a hard time taking pictures today, for whatever reason. I think it's the transition into fall, it's starting to get dark out much earlier, so I have to be quick after work. Just a short post today, I'm off to the gym to let out some frustration on the elliptical! I loved reading about how everyone deals stress yesterday, I think I definitely need to get more sleep. I slept too late this morning, which lead me to be late for work. I did get one little surprise as I was getting dressed today, when I opened my closet I found this guy:
Chris must have pinned him to one of my shirts last night. He's a left over from some WWE themed cupcakes Chris made a while back. I think I'll keep him there, to give me power every morning!
One more cute thing: Zebediah hides in the shower. I discovered him in there last night:
I love how surprised he looks that I found him. Or that I interrupted his reading of a graduate catalog!


E said...

awwww, that's such a cute cat picture :-) And I love your red jacket and that pretty pleated skirt!

Sooo L.A. said...

OMG zebediah is a total cutie! i love it! lol.

your outfit looks sooo adorable! very perfect for fall! =)


Clare said...

Love the red jacket! And your kitty is SO adorable!

Jennifer said...

It doesnt look like you had taking this picture- it is beautiful!! I have to say you are totally inspiring me with your fall looks. You again look amazing!!!

Leproust Vintage said...

I loooove that skirt....and $2!?! Great find!

Sarah Clarke Gaudet said...

Wow, love that sweater. I just told my husband that you always have the best finds for clothes.

Oh, and I LOVE the kitty :)

Jennifer said...

I forgot to write the word trouble. I meant to say it doesn't look like you had trouble.

San Francisco Stylephile said...

That cardigan was $2? Wow! I love that you belted it. :)

Indiana Adams said...

Um, excuse me, but did you know that your last two skirts have been PERFECTION? I'm just sending you a memo about this on behalf of the entire world.

Polished Sense said...

Okay seriously, I spotted your shower curtain. Where is that from? It's super-fabulous!


Delightfully Tacky said...

I love your skirt! It's perfect with your sweater.

Orchid Grey said...

@E: thank you!
@SoooLA; thanks I felt very fall-like, it was cold yesterday!
@Clare: thanks!
@Jen: thank you, I think I just wasn't in the mood for people to see me taking pictures and there were tons of people around yesterday!
@LeProust: thank you!
@Sarah:thanks, I love thrift shopping!
@SanFrancisco: I know! it's one of my favorite sweaters!
@Indiana: haha, thank you for the memo!
@PolishedSense: thanks, and good eye! my shower curtain is from Urban Outfitters!
@Delightfully Tacky: thanks !

Fell4fashion said...

GREAT skirt!!!!!

carly. said...

i think all kitties love the shower. my andy electric loveloveloves being in there after we've cute.

Yuka said...

the print on your dress is so pretty

Orchid Grey said...

thank you!

b.a. said...

this outfit is amazing. that sweater is irreplicable. (word?) what i mean is--of course it could only be thrifted. it's one of those miracle-thrift-shop items that you'd have to pay $248 at anthropologie to get something somewhat similar but still not even as good. know what i mean?

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