Monday, September 28, 2009

Bits of My Weekend...

This isn't much of a daily style post, but a little self portrait I took in my hotel on Friday.
So this weekend was a busy one! You'll have to excuse the mega huge post, but I've done a lot! Saturday and Sunday, I took part in a letterpress and typography workshop at the school I work at. Saturday we worked on a collaborative project and on Sunday I made business cards!
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<span class=These next few images are actually from today. Did you know that today was National Family Day? Me neither. But, t worked out well because this afternoon, I met up with my Dad, Step-mom, and Grandparents after work and we drove up the Mount Washington auto road. Mount Washington is the tallest peak in the Northeast and also part of the Appalachian trail. When I was in High School our snowboarding team hiked up part of it and rode down! It also has the highest recorded wind at over 200 miles an hour! It's also only 30 minutes from where my parents live. Why haven't I been up since I was 5? I don't know. It was on my Grandparents bucket list so, up we went:
<span class=Notice that this building is CHAINED DOWN, so it won't blow away:
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Thank you all for your lovely comments, I'm on the road for work this week so I am a little off from my normal schedule, but I'm reading and appreciating every one! As a College Admissions Counselor, part of my job is visiting high schools all over New England and presenting our school to interested students. This is what I am up to right now. I'l be traveling over the next month or so, going to college fairs, portfolio days, and high school fairs, hopefully gaining applicants. Once the travel season is over, I'll be back in my office reviewing applications and getting those students to come to our school! It's an extremely busy job, but I love the travel aspect of it. Feel free to ask any questions!


Ancarol said...

Sounds great your weekend !! It's totally plenitude day I think that i need too !! jealous you ,Have great great time every weekend .

Marta Castellanos said...

Beautiful pictures!!Do you have a cat?It´s lovely!Your work sounds nice, i is work, but travelling and getting in contact with young people sounds not too much bored!xo

Jennifer said...

ummm I just become completely jealous of this post as soon as I saw those first few pictures. OoooH to in college (or Work) at a college with supplies like that again. Letterpressing is my FAVORITE!!! I bought a small handpress a couple years ago but we need more type and funiture to do anything great with it. Wow looks like an amazing weekend!!!

darad123 said...

I have been trying to get a job at a college or university in my area (Boulder, CO) as an admissions advisor. This is my dream job! What sort of experience do you have or should I have? How did you land such an awesome job?

Thanks for your help,

Anonymous said...

these photos are so pretty! looks like you've been busy doing lots of fun things. i want to see the business cards you made! ~joelle

Elaine said...

WOW I didn't know buildings could be chained down!!! That's pretty crazy.... Why would anyone want to live where it's tornado all year round!!! ;) That first picture of you is GORGEOUS. You're soooooo pretty! Hope you have fun traveling!!!

Sarah Clarke Gaudet said...

I agree, what a gorgeous picture of you! Love all of those shots!

Orchid Grey said...

@Marta: I do have a cat! Actually, I have two. the one in the picture is Zephyr

@Jen: I really want a hand press now, there are some suppliers in the boston area

@Dara: I'll email you about my job, it's petty intense at times...

@TheOwls: I'll post pictures!

@Elaine: There is a weather station on top on the mountain, people stay up there year round but not in that little place. that's just the gift shop! thank you for the sweet complement!

@Sarah: Thanks!

pve design said...

stunning photos!!!

missDTM said...

WOW! you can take letterpress at your school? that sounds awesome...i'm insanely jealous.

beautiful pics! especially of your cat.

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