Friday, August 28, 2009

Daily Style...

I took this photo at 7am...
Headband: J.Crew (4.99)
Trench: J.Crew (19.00)
Cardigan: H&M (16.00)
Tee: Gap (4.99)
Skirt: ModCloth (64.99)
Tights: TjMaxx (5.00)
Flats: UO (24.00)
...Which was faaaaar too early!
Just now, I realized how much stuff I'm wearing. I guess that's the downside of cooler weather, as soon as the temperature drops it's "good bye shorts and tee-shirt!" and "Hello, jackets, sweaters, and tights!" This skirt was the last thing I bought from ModCloth, I'd been looking for a layered skirt or dress like this for so long, so when I saw the "Ariel Skirt" I knew I had to have it! I'm feeling quite "prep school" today, I think it's because we're experiencing beautiful early fall weather again today, I love it! The house was even a little cold this morning! This afternoon I'm off to Cape Cod to see family, I hope we don't run into the hurricane!
What are your weekend plans?


emily said...

love that outfit! the colors, the tights, and esp. the skirt. :)

Jennifer said...

Be careful with the hurricane! I love your skirt!!

UnoCosa said...

you looked so beautiful! i really love it, xoxo

Leproust Vintage said...

This photo is beautiful! I love all of your looks flawless!

Sarah Clarke Gaudet said...

What a gorgeous photo! Love the whole outfit, especially that skirt.

E said...

That skirt is INCREDIBLE!

Orchid Grey said...

@Emily: Thank you!
@Jennifer: Hurricane wasn't as bad as we thought it would be- just very wet! Thanks!
@UnoCosa: Thank you!
@LeProust: Thank you, I'm glad you like the photo too!
@Sarah: Thank you!
@E: thanks!

chicfaced said...

supppper cute outfit. i love the 2 tone skirt. so many great proportions and colors going on here!

Orchid Grey said...

CHicFaced:Thank you!

Mara: Thank you, I do love modcloth!

Kansas Couture said...

I adore that skirt, and the eggplant color of your tights is perfect for fall! Very pretty look.

Clare said...

What a gorgeous skirt!!!

Adria said...

violet leg wonder!

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