Monday, July 27, 2009

Over the Weekend / Daily Style...

After a long hiatus, I visited the Salvation Army this weekend. I was not disappointed! I only came away with three things, but all three are so good, I can't wait to wear them this week! Today I wore my new-to-me suede skirt: 
Necklace: Candace Ang for UO (9.99)
Lace Vest (worn backwards): Thrifted (20.00)
Skirt: Thrifted (1.99) <---- do you see that? 1.99!
Shoes: UO (28.00)
It turned out to be a little too hot for leather, but I just cranked my office AC!

Over The Weekend
Well, my weekend went in a number of unexpected directions! Saturday, my friend Emily and I travelled to Western Massachusetts to visit our dear friend Adria. On the way back we were stranded on the Mass Pike for about an hour. I got out to stretch my legs and hung out for a bit on the other side of the highway...I know, you're in awe of my adventurousness. Someone else had the same idea:
Sunday was spent at the Beverly Skate Park at an event co-sponsored by the company Chris works for. It was nice to hang out and see people I rarely get to see:
Later on, we all headed to Woodman's in Essex, which is famous for it's fried clams. Apparently they are responsible for inventing fried clams in the first place. The weather was beautiful and perfect for outdoor eating. Woodman's looks over salt marshes, which I think are so beautiful and remind me of life in Maine (where I grew up):
Me, with the salt marsh in the distance:
Our group (there are about 15 extra people not in this picture):
After stuffing ourselves with fried things, we all headed back to Chris and my apartment for beers on the porch. I love spontaneous weekends, I really wasn't expecting to do much this weekend but it turned out to be so nice!


Krystal said...

I have to get this off my chest. I covet, covet, covet covet that necklace of yours! Ah, only $10?! How do I manage to always go there and find the $30 necklaces?! Dear universe, wtf?

Love the look here lady, can't wait to see what else you got!

Orchid Grey said...

ha ha, thank you! I had been lusting after this necklace for so long but it was $68! UO has had a great sale going on with super cheap jewlery etc.

Jennifer said...

haha oh man- sorry you got stranded out there. Where were you going? That is out in my neck of the woods.

Orchid Grey said...

We were on our way back from Ware, I love the Mass Pike though- just one long stretch of highway! It's funny because it turned out that some of the guys we went to Woodman's with were stuck in the same traffic, it went for miles!

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