Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Over the Weekend/ Daily Style...

After a very long car ride, I'm back from D.C. ! My friend Bea and I left Friday afternoon to visit our long lost friend Sophia, who moved there last year. We miss her dearly, but it's nice to have an excuse to visit another city. I haven't visited D.C. since I was a kid, and it was nice to be somewhere new!
Friday Travel Outfit:
Top: UO (?)
Belt: J.Crew Outlet (10.00)
Jeans: AE (39.00)
Shoes: UO (28.00)
Saturday (@ WWII Memorial):
Shirt: H&M (28.00)
Shorts: J.Crew Outlet (15.00)
Sandals: some mall store
Sunnies: UO (4.99)
Bag: New York Strand Bookstore (12.00)
I am officially addicted to real frozen yogurt. We visited Mr. Yogato more than once, 
this is "tangy" (plain) and "Chazel" (choco-hazelnut) swirled with strawberries and coconut.
I'm sad I had to leave this place behind. Boston, get with the program!
Sophia and Bea like it too. 
(please don't be mad I posted this!)
Sunday evening we took a picnic to the Lincoln Memorial, turns out you can't have food on the steps, so we took it to the lawn. The weekend was filled with incredibly hot days (yay!), wine, and dancing. 

More on some D.C. galleries tomorrow!


Lilli said...

That white top is super cute!

Orchid Grey said...

thank you!

Sophia said...

ahhhh! i do not belong on a fashion blog, evidenced by the fact that when justin paszul borrowed the dress i'm wearing in that picture, someone told him that those tie straps were so last year. in my defense, i bought it used maybe 5 years ago? also in my defense, after wearing it that day i've since re-stiched the straps so they don't tie anymore.

come back to me! dc misses you. wonderland misses you. i miss you! and congrats on the website -- it looks great.

Orchid Grey said...

I miss you too, miss! I think you absolutly belong on a fashion blog, and it was Justin who was so last year, not the dress!

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