Wednesday, July 29, 2009


" Purple Bootie" (29.99)
"Zaar" (28.80)
"Chelsea" (238.00)

Because of this unseasonably cool weather we've had all Summer, Autumn has been looming large in my mind, and with cooler weather comes the chance to wear cooler shoes. I think it's the 85 degree heat that turns me off from wearing heels in the summer, it just seems like so much work! Ugh, I get tired just thinking about it! The three pairs above are just a few I've been obsessing over, I can't wait to pair these with some of the dresses I've been hiding away in my Winter storage! Of course, only two of these three will actually make the cut for closet space. Can you guess who's going to be left out? Those Frye booties are beautiful, but unfortunately $238 is miles out of my price range. Whatever, a girl can drool I mean dream can't she?

What are you looking forward to rocking
when the cool Autumn air makes it's debut?


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