Thursday, July 9, 2009


This weeks 'Coveting...' post is entirely unattainable... but a girl can dream right?
Dress: "ZigZag Dress" (228.00)
Wedges: "Camellia Espadrilles" (368.00)
Ring: "Jellybeans Ring" (98.00)
Clutch: "Leather Tassel Detail Clutch" (80.00)

I basically covet everything on the Anthropologie website
but basically everything is waaaaay out of my price range!

Where would you shop if you had unlimited funds?


Dionne said...

That dress is so deliriously cute. I love it.

And with unlimited funds, Anthro would also be my store of choice. I guess I will see you there! I'll pick you up a little something too with all my unlimited moolah :)

Orchid Grey said...

yes, it hurts a little every time I visit the site!

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