Friday, June 12, 2009

This weekend...

So, the projected weather for this weekend seems to have gone from sunny and beautiful to (keeping with the theme of the week) completely hopeless. Isolated thunderstorms, rain, and clouds. I'm a little disappointed, but this also means that I can do some of the indoor things I've been meaning to do. Another list then:
Weekend Plans:
1. Post my Etsy (finally).
2. Visit the Peabody Essex Museum
to see the new Surf Culture Exhibit.
3. Go with D for his first tattoo.
4. Opening for "This Collective Pull" (tonight!)

As mentioned above, the opening for "This Collective Pull" is tonight, it's a collaborative art show for alumni/a who have stayed local and are maintaining studio practices but not necessarily showing in galleries. I'm super excited because I haven't shown my work outside of the annual auction for about two years. The show tonight will be the kick off of what I hope to be a string of collaborations. The work I'm showing is a small collection of the Holga images I took while in Seattle for business this past year. I'm excited to post pictures!

And because I don't like posting without pictures, I'll leave you with this:
Because I think Zephyr has the right idea here, all this weather is good for is sleeping.
Have Good Weekends!


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