Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Weekly Links

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Happy... Tuesday?! I'm finally accepting the fact that this post doesn't always make it up on the weekend... blame it on the sheer excitement of Friday nights. Anyway, why not Tuesday? We've been getting little glimpses here and there that spring is on the way and I'm so excited. A sunny day here, some happier birdsong there, snow that quickly turns to rain and melts into giant puddles (that last one isn't so pleasant, but you gotta look on the bright side, right?). I'm dreaming of trading my boots for sandals and my heavy layers for one-piece dressing (remember the freedom of throwing on a dress and sandals and just being done with the damn thing?). This week is a busy one, but I've been finding some time to drive out to the ocean in the evenings. It's a nice reminder of why we live here when days can get packed and busy. Anyway... a few things that caught my eye this week...

First of all - Shopbop is having their first major sale of the season! Save up to 25% off your order. I've already scooped up these leopard print mules and this simple tee. I've got my eye on a cute bikini for summer and some cute jeans.

Lyle Lovett forever.

How gorgeous is this antique quilt? So gorgeous on top of a white duvet.

The names of these candles is killing me (plus I bet they smell pretty amazing)

There was a 1908 board game about suffragettes fighting cops in the streets

Love these vintage suede pants. They'd look rad with a plain white tee and boots.

The gender pay gap gets the punk song it deserves

The cutest kitty notepad

Photographed this recipe last weekend for Free People and it is SO GOOD. Do yourself a favor and make these healthier truffles.

This tinted balm is gorgeous

Asos new athletic line is so cute!


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Thanks for interesting links. You in photos amazing! :))

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