Sunday, January 31, 2016

Here & There 1.31

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January 31st, I can't believe you're here so soon. Slowly and then all at once. I'm fresh into the first five days of being 32 and have spent most of the weekend decompressing and generally being lazy -- if you count running countless errands on Saturday and gearing up for a work-filled Sunday afternoon lazy. This past month was all about coming down from December, thoughtfully taking it easy on my days off. Highly recommend it, if you can swing it, but maybe not so good when it comes to getting started on my goals for the year. Of those, I'm pathetically behind. There's always February, right?

This vintage silk scarf would look great peeking out from the collar of a denim shirt

I just blasted through this book in three days -- so good.

This coat would be perfect for spring

Etsy faves: This mermaid print, this bucket bag, these dainty earrings, and this kitty tote

Hollywood cinemagraphs

These sunglasses would be perfect for Valentine's Day (+ a cute card and my favorite candle)

The first woman to complete the Appalachian Trail was 67 years old -- and she did it twice!

This fruity sweater is so cute!

A 28 day creative project... project

Chris gave me this tiger's eye perfume for my birthday and I'm in loooove

The most popular reader comments on the New York Times

Asos is having a big sale! love this mint biker jacket and these classic booties

Would you match your hair to a Picasso?

I'm good with what I've got


Dylana Suarez said...

Cute sweater!


Sampada N said...

Love the sweater! I just took a look at the fragrance notes of that tiger eye perfume and I love sandalwood anything...

Gwen said...

Happy belated birthday, Julie! since you liked my vintage poster... I have a second one, also from France, that I can send you as a present if you like - it's honestly no trouble. In fact, it'd be a nice way to give a little something back for reading your blog for free all this time! :) Loved that last link, by the way, on how to say no. Read it out to my mum, and she described the piece as "a little piece of sunshine". :)

54 59 said...

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