Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Funnel Cake

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Lou Reed with the windows down. Get your ass in gear and get out from the blanket of the city. This is what I love about living in Philadelphia... that there's shit to do outside of Philadelphia. Places to see, small town dreams to discover, an afternoon spent entertaining the idea of living out in the country (oh, if only it were possible). The largest magnolia tree I've ever laid eyes on. Beers in Kutztown after an afternoon at the flea market. Much-needed time spent intentionally with the one I love, our days together fleeting as we seem to be living on different wavelengths with schedules that get more and more insane.

Sometimes you just need to drive, and listen to Lou and Janis, and hold someone's hand and let the early spring sun work its magic. More days and nights like this please, I'll take as many as I'm given.


LIVforstyle said...

Love the edginess of this outfit.



Liz Lauren said...

love the biker jacket


Nikki Williams said...
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Nikki Williams said...

love those sunnies!

xx nikki

Laura Whitman said...

I'm loving this outfit - so casual, but yet very chic and badass!

Oh man, your posts always make me miss Pennsylvania. <3


Broke And Beautiful said...

Wow I have almost identical heirloom turquoise jewelry from my grandmother! Wow, I've never seen that style anywhere else. :') Thanks for the feels.

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