Friday, December 26, 2014


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Sitting in my favorite coffee shop in New Hampshire with sun streaming through the windows. The rain finally cleared up and although it's warm for December 26th, it's gorgeous and I'm happy.

Listening to three dramatic college girls talk loudly and dramatically about college, anxiety medication, and missing the free Smashmouth show that happened at their school. I now know way more than is appropriate for a stranger to know about their lives.

Thankful for the fact that I am not in college.

Thinking about how much can change in just a year - today, in about an hour, Chris's mother closes on her new restaurant. Exactly one year ago, we were sorting through the rubble of her home, which burned down in the early hours of December 26th. I haven't been the best at updating everyone, but after a fairly rough year for her and Chris's brother, it's exciting to see this new chapter developing,

Excited about using our new snowshoes! We received two pairs from my mom for Christmas, and I can't wait to get up to the Poconos to do some exploring. Fingers crossed Pennsylvania gets some snow soon.

Feeling relaxed and on my own time, it's amazing how much your internal clock changes when the typical distractions of life are lessened.

Looking forward to seeing all our old friends tomorrow. We've had a party every year since high school, so... since 2001? 2002?

Reading all the old books at my mom's house, and while it's a good one, I do not recommend In Cold Blood while you're staying in the middle of nowhere.

Hoping you all had a great holiday, whatever it may be, and wishing you a happy new year.


The Littlest Smitten said...

Happy Holidays! Sounds like a lovely visit with family. Beautiful photos!

Jeanne said...

Such a cool post!Thanks for sharing ! So inspiring!

Merry holidays!



Jamie Rose D. said...

Sounds like you're having a fun holiday! I hope the new year is even better for you and your family!

Jamie |

erika wynn said...

Beautiful writing. Happy New Year.

Erika | www,

Anonymous said...

That's great! Happy holidays, I hope you have a new year full of happiness :)

Leah Wise said...

I read part of In Cold Blood while I was alone in my house in high school. It freaked me out.

I'm also glad I'm no longer in college. When you hear those high energy conversations, it makes you wonder if you were like that, too. I guess I probably was.

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