Monday, August 5, 2013

A Few Small Goals for August

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Wow. August. I know, but man this summer flew by, right? I believe August has become my favorite month, at least so far in 2013. To be honest, until a second ago I had no idea what today's date is, which is a good sign that I had a great weekend in Austin. Now, on to San Francisco! Besides a ton of travel, here's what I'm focusing on this month:

A return to self-care and healthfulness
I always, always enter into summer in the mindset of "Hey! It's summer! Of course I'm going to eat salad all the time and just seamlessly incorporate exercise into my schedule! No problem!" When in fact- and I blame this partially on moving and suddenly having a social life again- I'm eating french fries all the time and maybe treading water in the pool for like, five minutes before beaching myself on a towel to people-watch behind my sunglasses. This has to end, because admittedly I feel physically awful, not the kind of awful where I feel bad about my body, because I like how I look, but I just feel physically awful. I can feel my arthritis flaring up again and my skin is starting to freak a little. Time to be an adult again and maybe cut back on the sugar (and french fries, and 2am waffles, and...)

Celebrate our anniversary. Like, actually celebrate it.
You know what's sad? If someone asked, I wouldn't be able to tell them how Chris and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary. And not because it was super spicy. But because I'm fairly certain we didn't celebrate outside of going out to dinner. Which is really, really pathetic. So we gotta celebrate right this year! I want to go to the beach and lay on the sand and forget about technology for a whole weekend.

Stay inspired
One of the reasons I love attending conferences like the Texas Style Council Conference (which I went to this past weekend), is that I always, always leave feeling super inspired and motivated. These conferences always seem to pop up in a time when I'm feeling a little tired or discouraged or spread too thin, but after spending a weekend with some of the raddest ladies and listening to their stories consistently reinvigorates me. I want to keep that momentum going!

What are you focusing on this month?


Valentina Duracinsky said...

lovely :) some good goals there!

Valentina Duracinsky Blog

Becca said...

Great goals! I need to work on that first one. I've been brushing off yoga all month!

Ladyface Blog

veronika girlandcloset said...

What is it about the summer?! I too have been eating some not so great foods... I have auto-immune issues so diet is super important for me as well. However, this week I've meal planned and I'm committed to getting back on the road to health!! So good luck to us both!

Can't wait to see your posts from Austin too. The outfits you picked were AMAZING!! xo

By The Shore

Anonymous said...

Sounds like some great goals!

I'm focusing on getting back to normal. My summer has been far more stressful than I imagined, and now that we're finally moved into our new place, I'm looking forward to settling in and getting into a better life routine, diet, exercise, and lessening the stress.

Of course, I also have school starting back up in a few weeks, so I have to get ready for that I guess a little stress is okay! :-)

Oh, and I have to get back into blogging again - taking a week off killed my motivation to keep going!

M. at Making Sense of Cents said...

I hope August is great for you :)

Mardle Made said...

Texas Style Council looks great. We just don't have that kind of thing in England!
This month I'm cencentrating on mending my dodgy foot...I swear I only dream about running when I'm incapacitated!
Also going to try and get a couple more sea swims in.
And try and cut down on the cake......1 piece a day is a bit indulgent....or is it???

Still loving your blog.


Anonymous said...

Great goals! It's so insane how NOT exercising takes such a bad toll on your body. I feel the absolute worst when I'm not exercising regularly and it's always worse in the Summer with travel, more booze than usual and easy food.

Mallory said...

I wish we'd had time to chat at some point over the crazy busy weekend, but it was fun dancing during Prom night with you on the dancefloor! August promises to be an awesome month for me too - I hope you have an epically awesome one!

Mia Moore said...

Your panel at the style council was great and it was lovely to talk to you a little bit afterwards! You are just so sweet. :)

My goals for August are really similar.... I'm going to Europe for my graduation trip (woo!) then immediately starting a rigorous graduate program. I want to make sure I pace myself and allow myself plenty of time to recharge. I'm going through so many changes lately, with moving to a new city, starting and finishing an awesome internship, and never having weekends free (fun, but exhausting!). I think it's time for a break!

Brittany said...

This always happens to me! I tell myself I'm going to be really healthy and fit in summer but in reality I'm probably the most unhealthy person I can be during that time of year. Something about summer time and working out/eating right doesn't mix! These are great goals for the month.

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