Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Crisp and Clean

 photo OrchidGrey_July12013-7_zps19fa7c76.jpg
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 photo OrchidGrey_July12013-6_zps8ffd6426.jpg
 photo OrchidGrey_July12013-5_zpsfb0d32d6.jpg
 photo OrchidGrey_July12013-4_zpsbbc36c33.jpg
 photo OrchidGrey_July12013-3_zps583adb32.jpg
What I wore:
Jacket: ModCloth (find it here)
Dress: c/o Lulu's
Boots: Zara ($70)

I wore this to: feel a little more awake on a Monday

A jacket so nice, I bought it in white! Ha. I've been dog-tired lately, recovering from a few too many early mornings and late nights, and a move that pretty much destroyed us. The solution? Well, I don't really have one, other than making more of an attempt to get to bed early (seemingly impossible), but keeping things simple and bold outfit-wise certainly helps. Crisp colors and simple silhouettes.

As you'll soon find out by way of photographic evidence, I've been living in these sandal-bootie-things from Zara for the past week and a half. I've never been much of a Zara shopper, in fact everything I've previously bought from the retailer has been subsequently returned (for various reasons), but these, shoes? I'm really happy with these shoes.

ps- Lulu's is offering 15% off sitewide! Use code: happyJULY4th