Thursday, December 20, 2012

Harbor Light


In this outfit:
Coat: J.Crew (2010)
Top c/o Quiksilver Woman
Jeans: Swapped (Gap Legging Jean)
Boots: Matiko ($60 sale, 2011)
Bag c/o Quiksilver Woman
TriGraph Necklace c/o InfinEight
Belt: J.Crew (gift)

Where I Wore it: Working from home, which really means working from the library and coffee shop, and bagel place.

Quiksilver is one of those brands that has been in my closet in one way or another since, oh, around eighth grade. As a teenager, I leaned more towards graphic tees from Roxy, and in my early twenties when I worked in the ski/snowboarding industry, my preference turned more towards technical outerwear and hardgoods (Roxy snowboards are excellent); I've recently discovered the QSW line, and I've fallen in love all over again. The pieces hit the perfect intersection of comfort and relaxed style, and as a bonus many of the items' names reference East Coast locales familiar to me (Hanover, Walden). So, suffice to say I was delighted when Quiksilver offered a few items for me to style up. I took the Holiday Style Guide quiz and got Downtown Girl (though I think I could have been any of the categories), and pretty much just fell in love with everything.

I always struggle a bit with what to wear on the days that I work from home. I'm not into spending all day in sweatpants or my pjs, not because it's not comfortable, but I never feel fully awake or productive unless I go through my normal routine and get fully dressed. Lately, this has been my uniform for those days: a comfy top, jeans, and wedge boots. Perfect for a day spent skipping between the library, coffee shop, and bagel place. Because, I never really work from home- I work from various public places that also have internet.

I'm so excited to see the ocean in just a few more days! If there's anything that classic stripes and sensible tote bags remind me of, it's home. Frigid mornings at the Shipbuilding Museum. Crossing Casco Bay on the ferry. Even the smell of low tide. Which is how you can tell if you truly love and miss a place. Do you miss even the awful smells? Yep.


Anonymous said...

Cute outfit! Love your hair, too! :)

{Ashley} said...

Such a lovely and relaxed look. I'm sure I'll be wearing something similar (just lighter since we'll be in Texas.)
Happy holidays!

valley said...

your hair looks ah-mazing and we love where you opted to take these photos. really cool wall {reminds us of labyrinth, which is always a good thing!)

cake & valley

Unknown said...

i totally feel ya on the needing to get dressed no matter what in the morning!!

you're looking beautiful as ever! said...

Amazing!! I am loving those boots!!
-Adrienne. xo

Unknown said...

don't you just love that flat natural midwestern lighting in the winter?

Orchid Grey said...

Zero Style- haha, you have no idea how much I had to lighten these!

Anonymous said...

love your hair!

Unknown said...

This outfit reminds me of the summer I spent writing in Ireland... relaxed and natural looking! I love the big bag!
peace&love, Jill
Favor the Brave
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Jennifer said...

Cute coat!

xo Jennifer

Unknown said...

Wow. I Love it! You have so so great blog! <3

Would You like to follow each other? :)


Such a pretty outfit love :)

sweet harvest moon said...

This outfit is perfection! Your hair is beautiful!

May said...

Gosh I love your hair so much! Everytime I see your posts, I feel I want my long hair back! lol

Peet said...

I work from home too and I know what you mean - I feel more awake when not wearing sweatpants.:) Your top is lovely!

amanda said...

yep, you look amazing. and i'm so excited you get to go home soon!!!! i love the strong ties you have to your hometown. i don't really feel that pull from the places i grew up anymore. now i feel it toward this town, where i am now. it's small and has it's downsides, but i wouldn't want to live anywhere else. hope you have a wonderful holiday 'at home' :)

s.i. michaels said...

Totally digging that oversized tote! Such a perfect fall look overall.

Heidi said...

I love your hair like that, so simple but so beautiful. -Heidi

Unknown said...

I love how comfy chic you look! <3


Unknown said...


Rehan Ahmed said...
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