Monday, December 3, 2012

December Goals

From last December, the road past my Mom's house in Maine

I know everyone says it, but allow me to chime in: I can't believe it's December. Sure, every month creeps up, ready to surprise-attack, but December is truly a beast. It's almost 2013! One month to make good on all those resolutions made last January, right? One thing I've realized over the past year, is that I do much better when working with a small list of simple goals- a combination of things I'd like to do and accomplish- than with year-sweeping resolutions. At the start of Autumn, I made a few goals for the season (and I accomplished most of them!), but I think I'm going to make this a monthly thing. 

A few things I'd like to work on this month:

1. Finish the 30 Day Drawing Challenge-
Confession: I started this challenge strong, but eventually other responsibilities creeped in and I wasn't able to finish by the end of November. It's a goal this month to do so.

2. Make Christmas gifts- 
Last year we (I) started a new tradition of choosing a charity, donating in the names of the children in our circle of family and friends, and making tree ornaments to match. I'd love to do that again this year, along with making other gifts. 

3. Spend more time unplugged- 
Chris and I both spend too much time on our phones and on the computer, it's so easy, the screen is just right there. This is already something I've been working on, but will continue to do so. I want to be present, I don't want to be distracted by the ease with which the internet/ Instagram/ Twitter can be accessed.

4. Go on more dates- 
The ever-present resolution. Clearly, we need to get better at planning things to do.

5. Send out Christmas cards in a timely manner- 
If it's not already crystal clear, I'm a  procrastinator. An epic, super-human procrastinator. I can't remember if we sent out cards last year. I'd love to actually make them, but more importantly, send something out, even if it's just a store-bought pack of cards from Target.

There are about a million other things that could be listed here, some of them lighthearted, some of them heavier, life-change things. But I'm going to keep this list short and sweet. I know the holidays will be here before I know it, and when it comes down to it, I just really want to slow down and enjoy the holiday preparation and anticipation of a new year.

What are your goals this month?