Friday, November 30, 2012


It's been a few weeks since I did a currently post, and a lot has been going on. This week started off on a low note but improved a little each day, and I'm so excited for this weekend. Can you believe it's (almost) December? This weekend I'm planning on getting back on the organizational horse and cleaning the crap out of our apartment, because it needs to be done. I also need to make a plan for December, we need to tackle this beast. What's happening in your life?

Listening to:
Lots of dreamy, drone-y stuff. I joined Spotify a couple of weeks ago, which has made such a huge difference, so much better than Pandora (my only complaint being the advertisements for super pop-y dance music that interrupt every now and then, which are incredibly jarring when nudged between the mellow music I prefer). A few new-to-me artists/bands I'm loving: Chelsea Wolfe, Widowspeak, Barn Owl, and Still Corners, SUN O)))). Basically anything that's melodic and maybe a little dark is perfect for work, I have a hard time concentrating when there's too much going on in a song.

Lawless. So brutal, so good. I will watch Tom Hardy on screen any day of the week, and I didn't realize until now that that Nick Cave wrote the screenplay, which makes it even better. We also just finished the first and only season of Undeclared, which has made me nostalgic for the late 90's and early college.


I just finished The Vanishers which was strange and different but completely read-able. Now I'm about three-quarters of the way through Freakonomics, which I'm also enjoying.

Excited About:
I've started taking a yoga class twice a week and I love it! I cancelled my gym membership last month, and while I'll probably join a new one after the holidays, yoga has been the perfect accompaniment to my running routine. Ideally, I'd love to not have to join a gym again, so my next goal is to purchase a set of weights and a kettlebell. As much as I find the gym motivating, I have to literally drag myself there, but when I'm left to my own devices, it's much easier to schedule work-outs. I'd love to set a regular, at-home routine for myself.

I've been feeling super inspired fashion-wise lately, too. Especially in the thrift shopping department. The other day I realized that I've been a little lazy lately, in my off hours and at work-- relying on the same old combinations, when some of those combinations aren't really my style anymore. I've been pinning lots of outfit inspiration and keeping a fairly specific list with me when I'm out at thrift stores. Chris and I made a little thrift trip yesterday and I'm really excited about what I found. I love thrifting in Pennsylvania!

I get to see my family soon! I'm so, so exited to be going to Maine this month! 

How was your week?

Currently post inspired by Danielle of Sometimes Sweet!


Hebe Nicholls said...

I know how you feel about the gym. I find running so much nicer than working out on sweaty machinery, and I like that there's less pressure to go as well. I hope it works out okay for you!

Hebe x

Bethany said...

Definitely try getting a kettle bell for home. I can't justify paying for a gym because there is one built in to my neighborhood, but it's so crowded that it's miserable. I've been slowly building up some home equipment and I have a nice little stash now. Sometimes I can thrift stuff and spray them heavily with lysol :)

So funny you should mention Undeclared - I love that show and I was just thinking about it this week. I miss it!

irene wibowo said...

nice post.. :) Irene Wibowo

Dee said...

You seem so sweet :)
Nice update, I've been into Widowspeak also lately.

Jennifer said...

great suggestions!

xo Jennifer

Anonymous said...

I never heard of any of the bands/artists you mentioned, but I checked them out immediately and Still Corners is absolutely wonderful! Goosebumps.
I also loved the Julian Bialowas post earlier on, thanks for all the inspiration.

Love from Holland.

nicola lynde said...

I really need to tackle the december beast this weekend too. One those necessities and I know I'll feel much better once I have somewhat of a plan, yet I keep procrastinating. Between a full time job and part time school I have absolutely no time/energy for the gym. I've been using the Nike training club app for the past six months or so and actually stuck to it. I still have to force myself out of bed at 6am to do (with an aptly named get the hell up! alarm tag) but for me it's been a good way to get some exercise without joining a gym. Happy weekend.

Morgan Erina said...

I love how I feel motivated after reading your posts, to exercise, read, explore, thrift! It really is very motivating! Also, if you want melodic dark music you should check out my band on spotify, we're called Broken Fences :)

blue roses said...

i have been listening to molly nilsson and gonzales solo piano work non-stop! also, it is totally vince guiraldi christmas time!

Anonymous said...

I'm also inspired, maybe it's the time of year... I love your braids and earrings in the first picture!

xoxo, Femke
By Button

Sydney said...

Oh wow, your family is in Maine?! I'm so jealous!! I'd give my right AND left foot to be there right now ^.^

Brooke @ You're in Brookelynn said...

I totally know what you mean about needing to organize for December, I've been putting it off for so long!

Also, thanks for the music recommendations, I will be checking them out soon!

♥ Brooke

Vanessa said...

I've been reading your blog for a few years now and I think it's so cool that you like stuff like SUNN O))) and Barn Owl!...they are great bands to see live! I love it when I read someones blog and find out they like similar music to me. I also recommend Earth and OM if you enjoy droney and chilled out stuff!

XoPinK argi said...

I love your blog!

The Littlest Smitten said...

Undeclared was so good but I really enjoyed Freaks and Geeks. I've been thinking about getting back to yoga myself as I'm not getting as much outside exercise with the colder weather. It's just a matter of finding time as my schedule is crazy right now. Mighty have to do it at home though I prefer a class. This week was mostly work and mellow evenings so I was looking forward to the weekend. Friday we went to a art opening and then had dinner with a friend. Yesterday on Saturday I went to a friends crafting party. Then later my husband and I went to a late afternoon birthday party for our friend and her son. Her baby had recently turned one. Omg so many babies and parents. We were the only couple with no children. In the evening David and I went on a little dinner date and then came home to watch the movie Save the Date which I strongly recommend. Hope the rest of your weekend is great!

Candace said...

I love your earrings and jacket in the first picture! Where did you find them?

Orchid Grey said...

Candice: Thank you! Earrings are vintage, jacket is MinkPink from Lulu's. They'll be featured in an outfit post this week.

hollie said...

oh man do you like twin sister, they're my current fav

Orchid Grey said...

Hollie: I love Twin Sister!

Cuddly Cacti said...

wow that last photo is just gogeous & I absolutely love your earrings in the 1st shot- were they a thrifted find too? I find it tough to get motivated on workouts on my own but have been trying to take study breaks and do some zumba (my own made up variety). your yoga sounds great!

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