Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Thoughts on Snow

Well, winter has finally showed it's face in Pittsburgh! We were graced with some snow all day yesterday and all day today, it's lovely but so, so cold! Driving was certainly dicey this afternoon, PGH definitely does not treat inclimate the same way as New England, I don't think I saw a single plow truck out and about this evening, and there was a ten car pile-up near our apartment. I think we're in for an interesting winter. I love being home on a snowy day though, curling up with a book and a cat, and relishing in a guilt-free day of laziness.

I realized that, because of having Friday off and my subsequent sickness, I never posted my Friday links, so if you find yourself in a window shopping mood this snowy eve:

1) The print of this dress is so pretty, would look lovely with some grey knit tights for winter.
2) Sometimes you just need flats, I just received these and they're super comfortable! Enter BFORCHID15 for 15% off!
3) This is such a pretty little dress, perfect for brunch.
4) Kind of obsessed with this skirt, leopard is a neutral, right? Get 10% off your order with the code Grey10 at checkout!
5) This minimal clutch is so perfect, for travel or with an outfit. Get 15% off your order with the code
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6) I love this bright pencil skirt, an easy way to brighten up winter.
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7) This is lovely, a perfect way to dress up a button-down and jeans.
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Good night!


AnnaBananaCupcake said...

Living in San Francisco I'm not used to snow, but it seems like it would be nice to visit. Stay warm and have a wonderful new year!

Laura said...

Pittsburgh driving is always interesting! I've never done the driving when we visit, but the hills are crazy...my dad has regaled me with plenty of stories about learning to drive here! I hope you're enjoying the city :)

Vanessa said...

I love the polka dot dress you linked at Ruche!

I really want the next place I live to have snow fall in the winter months. Portland gets a little dusting every now and then but it doesn't usually stick around. Have a fun, cozy evening!


Shay said...

I feel your pain! If it snows even half an inch in DC, its a whole world of trouble complete with car accidents, huge public transit delays and general mess. As someone who is also from New England, I just don't understand!


Kate said...

Where did you get your boots? I live in Nebraska and we get our fair share of awful snow storms. I promised myself I would buy a decent pair of boots and fight the winter with my chin up this year.

Orchid Grey said...

Kate- I just emailed you with the boot information!

Anonymous said...

2 years ago we had 'snowpocalypse' in Pittsburgh. the city was basically shut down for one week, all of my classes were canceled, Forbes was one giant sledding hill, and the people on my road never shoveled their portions of sidewalk, and not one plow helped clear the streets. I love that city, but it does not know how to handle winter weather. good luck and stay warm!

saracarver said...

i love your boots! can I snag some info on them too?!


Anonymous said...

Leopard is absolutely neutral in my book...I bulk buy ballet flats in leopard print when I find them in a style I like because I wear them until they fall apart...with everything! They've become my go-to shoe!

Sarah Crump said...

I've been eyeing those boots for a little while now - do you totally love them? I'm used to just getting a cheap pair thatll last me one season but as a year-round bicyclist in Chicago maybe its time for a good investment. Think it's worth it??

Danielle said...

I love those boots! where did you get them? I've been looking for lace up boots forever!


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