Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Permanent Vacation... if only it were so!

Holy post! It's been a few days! Lets get started with a little "Daily Style":
Sweater: Second Time Around, Portland, ME (20.00)
Henley (underneath): TjMaxx (9.00)
Jeans: BDG (gift)
Mocs: Minnetonka via western MA (50.00)
All I'm gonna say is that I plan on wearing the shit out of this sweater this winter. Perfect color, perfect weight, I'm in love! I can't wait for cold weather now, I've been collecting some prime sweaters lately! Now that we've got that taken care of, you may be asking where, exactly, have I been? I've been in dreamland that's where. This weekend my family rented a beach house on the Maine coast (aka Heaven) and I was off the grid from Friday until about 11:30 pm last night. My mom picked me up Friday night and we went back to my family home in southern Maine, where, it turns out she's been growing some Little Shop of Horrors-worthy sunflowers:
Saturday afternoon we headed to the beach! The drive only took about 45 minutes, but it felt like a vacation to us! We stayed in this little white cottage at the end of a long dirt track:
The beach was only a 10 min walk away. Higgins Beach (where we were) is the spot for surfing in Maine, the surfers are generally super nice too. Unfortunately, the water was pretty cold- so was the air! But it was still pretty to look at!
If I lived here, I'd be home by now...
A friend:
We're pretty sure my great-grandfather built this cottage (shanty? shack? camp?):
We walked through the clam flats. Have you ever experienced clam flats? It's gross. Don't do it. That's our cottage behind my mom (she sunk into the mud up to her knees):
Our view:
Yesterday we took a trip to Goodwill (Maine thrifting is amazing!), where Chris found this cute little camera:
We were both pretty bummed to have to come home, and I'm pretty sure that if we didn't have the cats as a reason to come back to Massachusetts, we would have just stayed! Seriously, my idea of heaven is living on the salt marsh in Scarborough, ME in a beach shanty and making art all day, all year. Oh Maine, I miss you. What did you do this fine vacation weekend?