Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Vintage Cropped Jeans + A Giant Crystal Necklace

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And suddenly it's summer. That's how it always is, eh? Fifty degrees on Saturday, eighty today. Ninety tomorrow. It's here, and I'm getting in as much time with my beloved denim as I can, because from here on out it's skirts, shorts, and dresses. Anything that will keep me cool and from wanting to jump in the Schuylkill. These cropped Levi's have been on heavy rotation lately, usually paired with a button-up of some sort and a big piece of jewelry, like this incredible Leia Beila piece from Moorea Seal. While they might look like a modern pair, I found these jeans in a Western Pennsylvania Salvation Army, having clearly once belonged to someone much shorter than myself. Originally bought with the intention of turning them into cut-offs, it was Chris who saw their potential as-is. The perfect bleached out lines once I let out the hem, perfect length, and though they were outside of my comfort zone at the time, I'm glad I listened and didn't make the cut. Long live thrift shopping.

Get the look:
Vintage jeans (similar)
Jeffrey Campbell heels from a sample sale (similar)
Vintage jacket (similar)
Sample sale shirt (similar)
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