Sunday, June 22, 2014

Weekend Wishlist 6.22

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Happy Sunday (night)! I just returned from a weekend trip east, and I cannot wait to go to sleep. But first, wishlists...

// Vintage '70s mini dress from Crush Vintage Candy
// White and yellow bracelet from Manic Trout
// Vintage '40s bag from JessAmity
// Ladybug-print wedges from Loly in the Sky

A few more things that caught my eye...

// Do you have dainty feet? If so, you NEED these vintage boots from Wolf Mama Vintage -15% off w/code "orchidgrey"

// Love this gorgeous geometric necklace from Black Crystals.

// Pretty swirl-print heels.

// The definitive manifesto of how to handle haters from Anne Lamott. Love her.

// Ooh, can't wait to try lavender lipstick. So pretty.

// Cool movie posters, reimagined.

// Love these gold birkenstocks. and these all-white Vans.

// Can't wait to read this book, and this one too.

// This is so gross and SO funny, all at once.

// How Jen Gotch reset her life. Love stories like these.


Colleen Beaty said...

Oooo, I want to try lavender lipstick too! Lucky for me (or, perhaps dangerously) there's an Ulta within walking distance of work :)

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