Saturday, May 31, 2014

Weekend Wishlist 5.31

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Happy weekend! We just finished up our first yard sale of the season and it was a success (!!!) but now, I'm afraid if I even lie down I'll pass right out because I'm so exhausted (update: I'm super sunburned, too) oof. Anyways, here's what I'm loving this week:

// Crochet dress from Crush Vintage Candy

// Vintage embroidered dress from NewOldFashioned

// Maxi dress and red beaded necklace from Lulu's

// Pig necklace from Manic Trout

// Coin collar necklace from ShopDixi

A few more things that caught my eye...

// Black Crystals just restocked with new designs! So in love with this design -- save 15% w/code "orchidgrey"

// This summer's perfect beach bag - and it's on sale!

// This made me laugh. I'm not exactly a Shailene Woodly fan.

// Aloha bitches. Ha. I want this.

// You can't argue with science!

// The rapid deterioration of Detroit, as shown by Google street view.

// Love this eye-print shift dress

// Save 20% off orders from Wolf Mama.

// Love Mindy Kaling - her speech at Harvard Law was perfect. Also this, this quote is on point.

// Now this is some championship color-blocking.

// One beautiful man. I'm a fan of the "Newman Beard"

// Have you seen the Flip Belt? This seems way better than an arm band.

// 10 job hunting tips. that are actually relevant.

// What your wine choice says about you, this made me laugh. I'm definitely somewhere between "You've turned into your mother" and "You need wine on tap".

// 25% off summer styles at Asos! I'm loving this sunflower crop top, this tie dye swing dress, these neon jelly sandals, and this sexy maxi dress.

// Perfect kitty tee. I love Gemma Correll. and the perfect tee shirt dress.

// I'm officially a fan of Kandee Johnson - check out her amazing Audrey Hepburn makeup tutorial.

// The erasure of Maya Angelou's sex work history. An interesting read.

// 10 awesome DIYs.


The Wh0le Story said...

Yes! Kandee nailed it with her makeup. So rad.

Anonymous said...

that embroidered dress is gorgeous! and omg that shailene woodley article is hilarious hahahah
Rebecca @

iris said...

This is not super-related to this post, but the author/blogger of 'Food in Jars' is coming to Pittsburgh in two weeks, and she's holding a handful of events. So if you're interested in canning/preserving at all, it might be worth a look. There's a canning workshop at Legume along with some other events.

Mariele said...

I just ran the pitt marathon with the flip belt and it is pretty good especially since no one seems to make shorts with enough pockets.

M / coloursandbeyond said...

That embroidered dress is dreamy !! Need one like this

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